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James Kraft

74 year old retired pipeline worker
My father was a Baptist minister. I was saved when I was very young by just trusting Jesus to save me. I was baptized when I was around 16 and shortly after fell into sin. But our faithul Lord brought me back and I have learned over my life time to just trust him completely. If we have been truly saved by his work on the cross he will continue to work in us and through us and bring us to heaven on our last day. As I look back over my life I can see his hand upon me even when I would walk away. I have learned that His grace is sufficient for me. He is the one that saves us and He will never leave us or forsake us. I can only depend on Him and not myself. Oh what a wonderful savior. Amazing grace, how sweet the sound,-------

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Should Christians try to force the kingdom on others?

We can only offer salvation to others the way Jesus did to us. We are told to...

1 Comments 5 More Answers 2 Votes Asked September 24 2018


What is replacement theology?

It is true that God never changes, but how He deals with people does change....

1 Comments 2 More Answers 2 Votes Asked September 13 2018


Is it ok to minister with an online ordination?

We do not have to be ordained to preach the gospel. First Corinthians 15:1-4...

1 Comments 2 Votes Asked September 12 2018


Is the United States a Christian nation?

There is no such thing as a "Christian " nation. However, God does judge...

2 Comments 10 More Answers 1 Vote Asked September 03 2018


What is the difference between religion and spirituality?

When we are born into this world it is by water. Our mothers water breaks and...

2 Comments 1 More Answer 2 Votes Asked September 01 2018


What is the Christian's hope?

Hope is found all through scripture. All of the promises of God are to us who...

Comment 2 More Answers 1 Vote Asked August 29 2018


Was the Apostle Paul actually a false prophet?

It is important that we see Paul was chosen by God to be a preacher to the...

1 Comments 3 More Answers 2 Votes Asked August 26 2018


What does it mean to judge impartially?

Matthew 7:1-6 says a lot. Romans 14. and Colossians 2:20-23 We are all...

1 Comments 2 More Answers 1 Vote Asked August 24 2018


Is it true when you are sick you are under a curse?

I believe what Tim said for the most part. But, there is always a but. First...

Comment 2 More Answers Asked August 24 2018


How can I be baptized by the Holy Spirit?

We are given the Holy Spirit when we believe the gospel. First Corinthians...

4 Comments 1 More Answer 5 Votes Asked August 21 2018


How can we know what parts of the Bible apply to us today?

Many go through the bible and pick out verses to make the bible say what they...

1 Comments 4 More Answers 2 Votes Asked August 12 2018


What did Jesus mean when He said, "Take up your cross and follow Me" (Matthew 16:24; Mark 8:34; Luke 9:23)?

Taking up our cross and following Jesus is what we should do for rewards in...

2 Comments 3 More Answers 2 Votes Asked August 07 2018


What is "saving faith"?

John 11:25 Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection and the life, he that...

1 Comments 4 More Answers 1 Vote Asked July 20 2018


Is it wrong to want to be famous?

Joseph, because he did the right thing, and did not commit adultery with...

Comment 4 More Answers Asked July 15 2018


What does 1 Peter 2:9 mean when it refers to believers as peculiar people?

What makes us a peculiar people is that we know we have eternal life because...

Comment 4 More Answers 1 Vote Asked July 12 2018