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Bryan Myers

Minister of the Body of Christ
I am a minister, of Jesus Christ. I primarily work with incarcerated men and women, leading them to Jesus Christ and assisting them in their spiritual growth. Many have been influenced by the false doctrines that are so prevalent in the prison system. I do not support nor do I follow the un-Scriptural man made denominational system. Christ is not divided. He built one church and it is written that we should be united in what we speak. I strive to follow the Lord and help others to follow Him.

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Who is Midian?

Midian was one of the six sons of Abraham by Keturah, after the death Sarah....

Comment 1 Vote Asked July 08 2014


How can I become a Christian?

To become a Christian one must follow the Biblical example: hear the gospel...

1 Comments 6 More Answers 1 Vote Asked June 18 2014


Why is Acts 8:37 missing from some versions of the Bible?

The verse in question, Acts 8:37, appears in brackets in my copy of the NASB....

Comment 3 More Answers 2 Votes Asked June 17 2014


What is an Apologist?

An Apologist is simply one who defends their beliefs of faith. 1Pet 3:15...

Comment 1 More Answer Asked June 16 2014


Where was Paul during the life of Jesus?

During the earthly life and ministry of Jesus Christ, the man we now refer to...

Comment Asked June 16 2014


What was the last Old Testament book written?

Chronologically, the last of the Old Testament books written was Malachi...

Comment Asked June 16 2014


How can I know if I am truly discerning the Bible properly?

The short answer to..."rightly dividing the Word of Truth..." is to first and...

Comment 10 More Answers 5 Votes Asked June 13 2014


What does simplicity that is in Christ mean in 2 Corinthians 11:3?

One must remember to place the verse in question in it's proper context. Paul...

1 Comments 2 More Answers 2 Votes Asked June 13 2014


What does the "husband of one wife" phrase in 1 Timothy 3:2 mean? Can a divorced man serve as a pastor, elder, or deacon?

When attempting to interpret Scripture and place relevance in modern context,...

Comment 8 More Answers 5 Votes Asked June 12 2014


How should Christian parents handle the death of a child?

As a parent that has lost a child, the worst thing a person can do is say...

Comment 5 More Answers 9 Votes Asked June 12 2014


Is it acceptable to God for an adult child to admit a parent to a personal care or nursing home?

When we follow the Scriptural direction to care for our parents in their old...

Comment 1 More Answer 2 Votes Asked June 12 2014


What was the actual gospel they were preaching and would it be the same as Paul's gospel?

Prior to the death burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the only gospel...

Comment 3 More Answers 3 Votes Asked June 11 2014


What did Jesus mean when He said "I am the good Shepherd?"

Jesus was using an agrarian analogy to teach a Scriptural truth. The original...

Comment 4 More Answers Asked June 11 2014


What did Jesus mean when he said, "God is the God of the living not the dead?"

In the context of the quote, Jesus was answering a member of the sect of...

1 Comments 1 Vote Asked June 11 2014