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Is Jesus present when we pray by ourselves?

Asked November 29 2013 2 Answers Asked By David Riley

How is Jesus from David's bloodline if he was born of a virgin?

Asked November 29 2013 9 Answers Asked By Anonymous

If Adam was not deceived, then why did he allow Eve to deceive him?

Asked November 28 2013 3 Answers Asked By Doron Bond

Will Catholics go to heaven?

Asked November 28 2013 15 Answers Asked By David Benefield

If God the Father created Jesus, how can Jesus be God?

Asked November 28 2013 4 Answers Asked By Steven James Carey SR

Is God going to create a new world? If so why?

Asked November 27 2013 3 Answers Asked By peggy caudill

What scriptures remind us that God is just and will see us through?

Asked November 27 2013 1 Answer Asked By Anonymous

If a prayer for healing is not answered, why might this be?

Asked November 27 2013 1 Comment 2 Answers Asked By Anonymous