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What was the meaning of 5 gold tumors and 5 gold rats the Philistines sent as a 'guilt offering' aside from being the number of Philistines rulers?


1 Samuel 6:3 - 6

3 They said, "If you send away the ark of the God of Israel, do not send it empty, but by all means return him a guilt offering. Then you will be healed, and it will be known to you why his hand does not turn away from you. 4 And they said, "What is the guilt offering that we shall return to him?" They answered, "Five golden tumors and five golden mice, according to the number of the lords of the Philistines, for the same plague was on all of you and on your lords.

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Why did Sukkoth refuse Gideon's request for bread in Judges chapter 8?


Judges 8:4 - 7

4 And Gideon came to the Jordan and crossed over, he and the 300 men who were with him, exhausted yet pursuing. 5 So he said to the men of Succoth, "Please give loaves of bread to the people who follow me, for they are exhausted, and I am pursuing after Zebah and Zalmunna, the kings of Midian.

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Why did Moses tell the Isrealites that The Lord would be 'pleased to prosper them', and He is 'please to destroy them', if God is not willing that any should perish?

In Deuteronomy 28:63 (NIV), Moses writes "Just as it pleased the LORD to make...

Deuteronomy 28:63

63 And as the Lord took delight in doing you good and multiplying you, so the Lord will take delight in bringing ruin upon you and destroying you. And you shall be plucked off the land that you are entering to take possession of it.

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Why was Issac refereed to as Abraham's 'only' son in genesis 22?

Abraham had another son named Ishmael by Hagar, a slave girl. When Abraham...

Genesis 16:12

12 He shall be a wild donkey of a man, his hand against everyone and everyone's hand against him, and he shall dwell over against all his kinsmen.

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What should we learn from Rehoboam's actions that take place in 2 Chronicles 10?

Rehoboam had the opportunity to heed the advice of learned men, some of whom...

2 Chronicles 10:1 - 19

1 Rehoboam went to Shechem, for all Israel had come to Shechem to make him king. 2 And as soon as Jeroboam the son of Nebat heard of it (for he was in Egypt, where he had fled from King Solomon), then Jeroboam returned from Egypt.

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What does it mean that man is made in the image of God?

Ask children, “What does God look like?” and their responses usually include:...

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What does the bible say about frequent sleeplessness?

Occasional sleepless nights are normal for nearly everyone and sometimes...

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Why did Abraham lead Isaac to believe that God would provide a different sacrifice when he planned to sacrifice Isaac?

The near sacrifice of Isaac, is one of the most confusing of Bible stories....

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