Does The Harbinger really predict America's future?


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The book The Harbinger: the Ancient Mystery that holds the secret of America's Future by Messianic Jewish Rabbi Jonathan Cahn has been a best-seller and has sparked controversy and much discussion....

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Rabbi Jonathan Cahn's "The Harbinger" speaks about America's recent past, Sept 11, 2001 until approximately 2011. The book does not predict America's future from this point, other than saying America must repent and turn back to God. I do believe Rabbi Cahn has a prophetic message to America as the Old Testament prophets job was to say "Repent". This is one form of Prophecy. He has done an ace job of showing the parallels between Israel's call to follow God, what happened to them when they didn't, and America's call to be a light and blessing to this world, and what is happening as they fall away from that calling. 

My experience with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn's "The Harbinger" was first by seeing the DVD series. Part one was about "The Bricks Have Fallen" and the parallel between America's attack on 9/11 and Assyria's attack on Israel. Part two was about the recent financial meltdown that America has experienced since 9/11.

After seeing the DVD series, we read the book, and it certainly was portrayed, as it said, like a fictional suspense novel. It showed the parallels in the story of Israel to America today, but it definitely disappointed us in comparison to the DVD's. In the book, the prophetic message got lost in the fictional style. Whereas the DVDs, made the message much clearer by just reporting the facts.

The DVD series shows actual news coverage, CNN etc footage of statements by the President, by Donald Trump, the speaker of the House etc, their actual speeches. Many of their statements were direct quotes from the Bible, and they had no idea that what they were saying was to their own peril. For example, they believed they were quoting a blessing from Isaiah, "The Bricks have fallen, but we will rebuild with hewn stone". This statement is an act of defiance saying we will not turn to God, we will be bigger and better. This was only the beginning, it goes much farther than this.

I would highly recommend anyone that is curious about this book, before making any conclusions, please watch the DVD series before or in conjunction with the book. It is much more convincing when you see actual television footage of real events.

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