Why is the Holy Spirit called 'The Holy Spirit' and not 'the Righteous Spirit'?

For if righteousness is uprightness and holiness is faultlessness, why is the Holy Spirit particularly called 'Holy', instead of 'Righteous'?

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First of all; both of these seem to sound different by way of name, and indeed they are, yet they both serve for the spiritual well being of all of us, so that we have the true image of the children of God.

To be counted righteous is made possible if one obeys God by submission to God's Son Jesus Christ. Righteousness is purely a spiritual and internal matter. It is not to be observable by the human eye. For it is a matter of the state of the heart and the mind. It is therefore only of God to be righteous because only God has the perfect heart and mind. Only God grants righteousness. 

Who is the Holy Spirit?
The Holy Spirit is a person and part of the Trinity. I am well aware how many of us dispute the Trinity basing on the fact that it is not clearly and directly written about anywhere in the Bible, yet in indirect terms; it is mentioned. Some others say; the Trinity has its origin in ancient pagan practices. For the implications of it by various people are immensely diverse. 

Though it may be true; that there is a sense of the trinity having originated from ancient pagan practices, doesn't scripture imply the Trinity? Does it have to have been directly mentioned? Such would be another topic altogether. 

Is the Trinity so?
Yes, the Trinity is so. Though not clearly and directly mentioned in the Bible, but if we genuinely seek to understand the depth of scripture, you will be able to envisage the Trinity. For scripture is for our interpretation by the guidance of the Holy Spirit. If it wasn't for the recognition of the Trinity, why did Jesus have to instruct us to baptize in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit (Matthew 28:19)? Isn't this indirectly recognizing the Trinity? Isn't this statement placing all the three at the same level? 

Does the Trinity imply three gods?
NO, the Trinity doesn't in every true sense of the word mean there are three gods. All we should seek to understand here is the divine language being used. Recall that scripture states that our ways are never God's ways (Isaiah 55:8-9). We can never therefore understand heavenly language in our very limited human senses.He is one God who works in three ways. God the Father is the source of everything. The same God the Father extends Himself in the Son for the salvation work. And lastly, the same God the Father extends Himself in the Holy Spirit for the perfection of God's work (Gen 1:2). For it requires God to save and it equally requires God for the perfection of the heart.

Why isn't the Holy Spirit called the Righteous Spirit?

The Holy Spirit couldn't have been called the Righteous Spirit for the following reasons:

The Holy Spirit is God and righteousness is a way of God. Thus, the Holy Spirit also works by way of righteousness. All the three; God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit, work by way of righteousness. Therefore, righteousness can't be attributed to only one of them. Thus to say; the Godhead as a whole works by righteousness. On that account therefore, only one of the Godhead can't be referred to as the righteous so. For John 16:8 says; the Holy Spirit will convict us of sin, judgement, and righteousness. True holiness is a reflection of righteousness. The holy Spirit therefore works by righteousness to help us keep righteous. Part of Isa 41:10 states that; God will save us by the right hand of His righteousness.

Well as the Holy Spirit is purposely to aid us grow the fruits of righteousness, as earlier stated, righteousness is an internal matter and is only granted by God Himself. For by righteousness, we keep connected with God. The Holy Spirit goes on to help us not only to be divinely connected, but to equally develop the fruits of righteousness. For if you are righteous, you are equally required to be Holy. For Holiness is what we manifest in terms of talk and deed. And to make you be Holy is the work of the Holy Spirit (Gal 5:22-23), (John 14:17), (John 14:26). The Holy Spirit is the evidence of God with us.

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