Is there any extra-Biblical evidence for the Resurrection of Christ?


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Mini Stuart Alexander Box Maker, Amateur theologian based in atlantic Canada
Is there any evidence for the Resurrection of Christ outside of the bible? Yes, and no.

As to the best of my knowledge there are no non-Christian authors mentioning specifically the resurrection of Christ. There are some possible mentions of Christ in historical writings, but nothing is definite. So on that level no, there is no evidence.

It should be pointed out however that scholars (Christian and non-Christian) almost unanimously agree that Jesus Christ did indeed walk this earth; most would agree he did suffer a death on a cross, and the resurrection is split of course between those who are believers and those who are not believers.

An often overlooked attribute of God is His invisible quality (Colossians 3:15). If you work through the gospels you will notice that Christ rarely ever directly says he is actually God in flesh.

All appearances in the Bible after the resurrection are always to believers as well. It would appear that God has chosen to not directly reveal himself in such a way to people who do not believe.

On that basis it should be of no surprise that there is no historical solid evidence of a resurrection except at the testimony of believers.

There is the evidence of the testimony of the Apostles (The New Testament), There is the evidence of the Early Church Fathers who testify the same as the New Testament often yet, is not considered biblical (Hence extra-biblical). There is the evidence of non-Christians writing about early Christians as well.

What I am saying is the testimony of early Christians, in my mind, classifies as extra-biblical evidence of the resurrection. But by the very nature of God, and the miraculous work of the resurrection, it would seem unlikely there would be historical evidence otherwise of this event.

Unbelievers often say that if God wanted us to believe He would make himself more evident or believable. Yet they don't realise that God is Invisible by nature, and they refuse to accept the evidence that God has given us. 

Remember the Rich man and Lazarus? Luke 16: 19-31
As Abraham said if they don't believe the evidences that there already is, they won't believe even if someone was raised back from the dead.

It boils down to belief or unbelief. To the believer there is more then enough evidence, and to the unbeliever there is never enough.

I hope this wasn't too many words and I hope I've answered your question. God Bless

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