Will Muslims go to heaven?


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Image Greg Kelly

A relationship, like any is a very personal matter. Jesus is the light. If a person is living up to all the light, the knowledge they have been given, then God will hold them accountable based on the "talents" He gave them. We shouldn't judge individuals, but that being said if a Muslim was exposed to truth, exposed to the light of Jesus, rejected it, then no, they will not be raised to everlasting life.

September 21 2014 Report

Mini pearl of the orient seas

I think they won't go to heaven because they never knew the God /Jesus Christ /Holy Spirit of the Bible. Those who live in dark places will never experience the Light of God.
Unless, they make efforts themselves to know the Truth so they can be saved in the end.
Continuous rejection of the Truth worsen your everlasting spiritual condition.
Mt 12:32 Lk 12:8-10

September 22 2014 Report

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