How can I prove to a believer in Judaism from the Old Testament that the Lord Jesus is the Messiah?


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When the prophets were given visions and dreams and all that, they were looking into the future. It was like looking through a telescope far, far away. Pretend like you are looking through a telescope at two mountains far, far away. They seem so small. You can't tell how far apart the two mountains are. In fact, they seem extremely close together, like just one mountain with two humps. The first hump is Jesus' first coming, when He died for our sins. The second hump is Jesus' second coming, when He will create world peace, wipe away all pain from the face of the earth, etc. Since the prophets in the Old Testament were looking at the two "humps" from such a far-away distance, it seemed to them like the two mountains were one mountain with two humps. It seemed that Jesus will do everything in one coming, but He is going to do it in two comings. He did half of His work during His first coming. He will come again soon and finish His work. Try looking through a telescope yourself, and you will see.

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