How can I prove to a believer in Judaism from the Old Testament that the Lord Jesus is the Messiah?


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Open uri20141028 28149 1gyuy1c Charles Coon
You must first instruct the person to pray to God and ask that their eyes will see what He wants them to see.Then, that He will open their hearts to the truth that He reveals. They must be willing to take hold of and believe what He shows them.

Start with Genesis 1:1 and begin reading under the influence of the previous instructions. Have the person look for any and all references to the Messiah as they read. There will be a tendency to concentrate on the writing of the Prophets, but if their eyes are truly opened by the Holy Spirit they will begin to see Messiah in every chapter of every book. Do not allow the person to gloss over any portion, but be thorough in their study. When they have completed the Old Testament, ask them to begin with the New Testament using the same intellectual honesty and employ the same instructions that were laid down for reading the Old Testament.

In my experience, I saw results long before I came close to beginning the reading and study of the New Testament. Remember, it is with the Old Testament that Jesus convinced His disciples and thousands of others of who He was. Remember this also, you are there to only plant the seed, it is God who gives it life and causes it to grow. Allow the Holy Spirit to do His work even if you never see the results.

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Mycontactpic Michael Sisson
Scripture indicates it can be proved that Jesus is the Messiah.

Acts 9:22 (NASB)
But Saul kept increasing in strength and confounding the Jews who lived at Damascus by proving that this Jesus is the Christ.

Still, proving it and gaining their acceptance of Him are very different things. Only the Holy Spirit can convince them, and cause the scales to fall from their eyes. I'd suggest you start by learning how to articulate what YOU love about the Jewishness of your faith in Jesus (or as He is known in Hebrew, "Yeshua").

Moreover, learn to speak of your faith in terms to which they can relate. For example, to Jews, the "Old Testament" is the CURRENT testament. You'd be better off referring to it as the Hebrew Bible or Tanakh. To witness among Jews, you'll typically need a thoroughly Jewish perspective on the Old an New Testament...something uncommon among Gentile believers. The good news is you have Truth on your side, and the New Testament is choke full of excellent Jewish commentary on the Old Testament.

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Justme Jack Balsinger
Genesis 5 Geneology

Adam - man 
Seth - appoint
Enosh - mortal
Canaan - sorrow
Mahalaleel - the blessed/praised god
Jared - descend
Enoch - teach
Methuselah - his death brings
Lamech - despair
Noah - rest/comfort

Man is appointed mortal sorrow. The blessed God shall descend teaching his death shall bring the despairing rest.

If that doesn't do it. I don't know what will

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