Why were King Solomon's opinions regarding life permitted in the Bible when many proverbs can bring confusion to the reader?

Also, was everything he wrote the truth?

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King Solomon ended up with one thousand women in his life and went after idols (1 Ki 11:3,4). He had wisdom for others but not for himself. But God has not removed his writings from the canon of Scriptures. Why?

►► God wants us to learn the following SIX lessons from King Solomon's Fall

1. ►► Wealth (1Ki. 10:14- 27) :
Wealth can be a blessing if properly used for the Lord; but if "consumed upon lusts" and turned into "provision for the flesh, to fulfil the lusts thereof," it becomes a curse (Jas. 4:3; Rom. 13:14). Solomon's great riches contributed to his downfall.

2. ►► Weapons (1Ki. 10:26- 29) :
As to weapons, no king who has God as his helper the way Israel once did needs to multiply them for his protection. God miraculously fought Israel's battles when they obeyed Him

3. ►► Women (1Ki. 11:1- 3) :
As to women, the law forbade a king to multiply wives to himself (Dt. 17:17). These three W's-- wealth, weapons, and women-- were temptations Solomon yielded to, and they led to his complete downfall. He had seven hundred wives, princesses, and three hundred concubines - He had a thousand women in all.

4. ►► Turning his heart from the Lord (1Ki. 11:4) :
Strange-- particularly foreign women of heathen nations whom God commanded Israel not to marry, lest they turn the heart after other gods (Ex. 34:15- 16). He may have been in his fifties because he died at sixty, after a forty- year reign (1Ki. 11:42). He became king when he was about twenty. He was at least old enough not to let seductive women cause him to sin and turn from his love of God (1Ki. 3:3; Neh. 13:26). The more he gave his heart to these strange women, the more he grew cold toward God. They finally turned his heart away from Him entirely (1Ki. 11:2- 4).

5. ►► Outright idolatry (1Ki. 11:5):
In addition to the national gods Ashtoreth, Milcom, Chemosh and Molech, Solomon also favored other gods worshipped by various wives (1Ki. 11:8) which burnt incense and sacrificed unto their gods. Finally Solomon himself went after other gods (1Ki. 11:10)

6. ►► Complete backsliding of Solomon:
He didn't keep God's covenant and His statutes (1Ki. 11:11). Solomon sought to even kill Jeroboam 1 Ki. 11:40. This shows the complete backsliding of Solomon. Instead of humbling himself, like Ahab and others upon whom God pronounced judgment, he was determined to murder the man God had chosen to fulfill His will (cp. 1Ki. 21:27- 29; 2Chr. 33:12).

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