How do beliefs about creation impact the rest of theology?


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Shea S. Michael Houdmann Supporter Got Questions Ministries
The creation/evolution debate has been raging for years. To many, it seems like two opposing sides yelling at each other with no one really listening. The vitriol has gotten to the point where each...

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Data Anthony Cowan
I believe God created everything in 6 days like he said. This is our 6 days today. How some people talk about a big bang and about lacking evidence is beyond me. God is in all creation. His beauty is revealed everywhere.How can order come from disorder?

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Mini William M. McCoy
One problem in this perpetual "debate" is a misunderstanding of the purpose of Scripture, as well as the nature and character of God.

The Bible is not the authority; it is merely a written testimony of the true authority that stands behind it, which is God Himself. The text, in and of itself, has no authority. To make the assumption that God intended to make the text the "plenary verbal" proof for everything that exists is to put words in God's mouth, and is a misuse of Scripture.

If YHWH God created all things, he also created the science that has been derived from that creation, and in so doing, dictated that science and Scripture are complementary, not mutually exclusive. If you want truth, you have to take truth on its own terms; you cannot dictate to it to make it what you want.

The God we serve is greater than the Creation, outside of Time and Space, and is not beholden to our attitudes or our paltry level of understanding of either science or Scripture. And, He also stands outside of the TEXT of Scripture, speaking through it, but IT IS NOT TO BE MISTAKEN FOR HIM. Only ONE portion of the Scripture we have claims for itself God as the direct author, and that's the Ten Commandments, "...written with the finger of God." The people who put the Bible on the pedestal instead of God are missing the point. The word of God is living, powerful and sharper than any two-edged blade, and his name is Jesus Christ.

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Q jcryle001 JD Abshire
In the creation narrative, "GOD SAID" is recorded 10 times in chapter 1 of Genesis. Personally and for me that is all I need to know. God said it and whither you, me or anyone else believes or not is no consequence to God. However, if you disagree that it occurred the way God said you are professing scripture to be fallible and calling God a liar.

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Andy  3 photo Andy Mangus I am a Christian since October 1979 & devoted truth seeker.
To question the eternal inerrancy of God's inspired Word would be questioning the voracity, validity and truth of the whole of His Holy Word--The Bible. People need to read '2 Timothy 3:16' and understand that God used the writers of every scroll attributed to being genuine Divine scripture as being His infallible, inerrant and Divine spoken Word! God tells us in Genesis 1:1-11 about all of His Creation and that he created everything that was or has ever been created in a 'time' period of 6 DAYS--(that's 6 days that are made up of each having a 'morning and an evening'.) And, then he rested on the 7th Day! Read God's Word and Believe God's inerrant Word and His Truth.

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Mini ainsley chalmers Medical Research Scientist, devoted family man.
If one cannot believe literally the first few chapters of Genesis why believe the rest of the bible because the rest of the biblical story (salvation, redemption) hinges on the first few chapters of Genesis? For example if one disregards the creation story of Adam and Eve 6,000 years ago then there was no original sin and no need of a Savior. Also if humans were formed 200,000 years ago we should have become extinct many time over by now because of the mutation rate.

According to materialists, we went from goo to you via an evolutionary process ie through mutation and natural selection. But evolution the cornerstone of Darwinism/secularism just cannot happen. Mutations result in cell death and not higher life forms. To go from microbes to man one must go from DNA information of 3 million base pairs in bugs to 3 billion in humans. Nature just doesn't work this way. And it is impossible to form a 3 million base pair microbe from many chemicals floating around as these bases must be in a specific order 3 million times for life to work.

In summary, the bible is absolute truth and once one starts tinkering with it one goes down hill from truth. The bible is absolutely truthful in its history, science and the wonderful promises of our Almighty God, Jesus Christ.

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Mini Gene Coleman
I accept and believe the Biblical story’s in Genesis just as it is written. While some may chose to believe each day was somewhat just a description of a period of time with a definable beginning and end, others cling to a 24-hour day of cycle similar to what we are currently experiencing. Either way we agree He did it and He chose to do it in the exact sequences the scriptures describe is what is of primary importance. 

Isn’t it truly amazing and understandable that man in the form of scientists stumble at the thought that God could and apparently did in each 24-hour period what otherwise may have appeared to taken millions of years normally without His interventions? For that matter if He had chosen to, He could have done it in the twinkling of an eye, but for whatever reason, He did it as described in the Scriptures of the Bible. He is so truly awesome our finite minds have difficulty even beginning to humbly accept just how how great He is!

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Mini Bob Elliott
As God did not create the sun until the '"fourth day" it is obvious we are not talking 24 hour days during the creation period and nowhere in the bible does it suggest that they are 24 hour days. It may well be that when God created the universe he used a "Big Bang" to achieve the process, but it is really a moot point, what does it matter how long it took him or how he achieved it?
We were never meant to be able to scientifically prove everything in the bible, if we were then Faith would have no place as we would only be trusting in ourselves instead of God.

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Mini Henry Felder
I always wonder what are we to make of the scientific evidence - evidence that is not just theory, but confirmed by all our senses. 

The scientific evidence frequently conflicts with some of our most popular creation stories. One concept is that all animals were once herbivores, then became carnivores once Adam and Eve sinned. But, what are the physiological differences between herbivores and herbivores and did such differences always exist? What are we to make of the thousands of species of spiders, beetles, praying mantis and other species whose very existence is predation or the cleaning of waste. What vegetable matter did sharks, whales or the fish in the sea eat? 

Sharks have been call perfect eating machines, does this mean eating vegetables? The instant conversion of all animals -- land, sea, and insect -- would seemingly require a massive new creation in which sentient life would allow for predation. Some animals would become predator while others became prey. We may not be able to reconcile the Biblical creation story with the scientific evidence, but we should at least acknowledge that we really don't know some of the things we are so certain about.

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Mini Grant Abbott Child of Father, Follower of Son, Student of Spirit
Any attempts to reconcile Darwinian Evolutionary Theory or Day Age Creationist Theory with the biblical creation account are flawed for the following reason.

Both science based theories purport that the development of life took billions of years. That the life and death of billions of lower level creatures ultimately resulted in humankind appearing on the earth. But the biblical record says that death did not exist in God’s creation until humans rebelled against God’s commandment.

Science based theories state that death brought humans into existence. But the biblical creation account says that human rebellion brought death into God’s world. These propositions are polar opposites, and according to the science of logic, they both cannot be true. Age based theories can never be reconciled with the 6 day biblical creation account.

How important is death to the Christian faith? When Adam and Eve rebelled they experienced death on four levels.
1. Their human spirits died
2. Their intimate fellowship with God died
3. Their physical bodies died
4. Their sin would result in God’s judgement and eternal death - separation from God and punishment in hell

All human beings will experience all 4 levels of death. We all need a saviour.

Jesus birth, life, ministry, suffering, death, and resurrection provided the victory we all need over death.

1. He paid the penalty for all our sin so we can be redeemed and rescued from eternal death and punishment in hell
2. He was resurrected from the dead and promised that we too would be resurrected to new life
3. He gives us his Holy Spirit to restore our intimate fellowship with God
4. His Holy Spirit breathes life into our dead spirits and we are born again.

Where, O death is your victory? Where, O death is your sting? 
But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

All we have to do is believe it is true. Just like the creation account in the bible - all we have to do is believe it is true and God will impart his wisdom to us, so we can understand everything that is important to him.

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