How do beliefs about creation impact the rest of theology?


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Mini Henry Felder

Unfortunately, the response that God created everything does not address what are we to do with the scientific evidence. Instead, this response would deny our senses, deny science and any of the scientific methods. This response also suggests that perhaps we do not need any ability to question. In the Middle Ages, the church taught that the world was flat because they refused to believe scientific evidence that had been around since Ptolemy. Is this where we are now?

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Open uri20150217 2541 19uts41 greg ormsbee

I believe in the creation that god made us, whether 24 hour days, 1000 years as one day, or even not even being numbered. God made us, why even Question it, where is the faith if we question it. yes we all are to read the scriptures, an the truth is in you, not the bible, the bible is a book, so you interpret it the way you understand it, an if you truly believe god will show you if you are wrong... read it pray on it, discuss it peacefully, we are all looking for the same goal, receiving a room in the house of god...

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Stringio Bruce Morgan

It comes down to who you believe, God or human scientists.
As I see it, science is our human effort to better understand how God set up the universe. It is far from definitive, with new discoveries every week.
For example, just recently it was announced that extrapolating from super-string theory and astronomical observation, the universe out there exhibits many of the same properties as a hologram. Rather unusual, to say the least.

I am hoping that when we get to heaven, we will finally understand and fully appreciate the breadth and depth of how God "did it".
"Now we see but a poor reflection in a mirror... Now I know in part..." (1 Cor 13:12)

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