How long did Jesus stay on earth after the resurection and why?


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Mini Cheryl Loraditch

YHVH created holy days known as the feasts og the Lord. In the spring they are Passover, Unleven bread, first fruits, pentecost these holy days are impotant to observe because they are the days that YHVH pays extra attention to his creation. Yeshua (jesus) fullfilled each of those holy days already he was crucified on passover, put into the grave on unleven bread, rose again on first fruits, and assended to YHVH on pentecost which brought us the holy spirit.

In the Fall the feasts of the Lord are feast of trumpets (when yeshua will come back...we know the season just not the year), sukkot (which is marriage feast), yom torah (judgement day), and the 8th day (when the millinium will start)

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