How can I get to know God better?


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Shea S. Michael Houdmann Supporter Got Questions Ministries
Everyone knows that God exists. "God has made it plain" that He is real, "for since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities-his eternal power and divine nature-have been clearly seen, b...

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Mini Billy P Eldred
As usual, Mr. Houdmann did an excellent job answering this question. I just wanted to add a simple answer. 

How do I get to know God better? Just like you get to know anyone better. Spend time with Him. Spend time reading His Word. Spend time talking to Him. Spend time listening to /for Him. Spend time with others who know Him well. 

Look around you and recognize Him in all that you see. 

And most importantly, want to with all your heart!

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I love all the answers given to the questions in this format, but I fear the answers are directed "to the choir". Quoting bible verses to someone unfamiliar with biblical truths does not always bring "proof to the pudding".

As a believer and practicing Christian, a sermon about a good text goes a long way with me. But what of the friend or acquaintance who does not hold biblical text in any regard. Many, even amongst our faiths, practice the religion and know the theology like the back of their hand. But do they really know God? How can anyone really know God let alone know Him better?

I believe a person can learn of God's character by reading the Bible. I also believe the Holy Spirit can move one's thoughts concerning God and cause conviction. But to really say we know God in the familiar sense seems obscure to many who find faith a fleeting and silly practice.

It requires a considerable amount of faith to say you "know God". It requires a considerable amount of faith to say that you "feel His Presence". It requires a considerable amount of faith to believe "a wretch like me" would be of any interest to such a Superior Being, yet, this is what I have learned..........

John 1 tells of the relationship between "The Word" and His Son that became flesh. This Man of flesh was also God and with one purpose came to save His fallen creation. It says that Moses brought the Law, but Truth and Grace were brought by Jesus. Jesus often referred to Himself as the Truth and it is Truth that I seek.......

When I see the truth of my life in comparison to the life of Jesus, it is the vast difference of our characters that reveals the Glory of His presence. In other words, without knowing Christ, I would never know the truth about myself. Without knowing myself, and the truth about me, I would never see the change His Presence produces.

Seeing myself clearer through His Word proves contrast and provides me fact of His presence. His continued Presence continually changes me, thus, proving the more time I spend with Him, the more I change.....

When Jesus said if you love Me, keep my commandments, perhaps the change itself from lawlessness to obedience is the very essence of knowing Him. I seem to have a better grasp of all things spiritual when I am obedient to the Law, and feel separation when I fall into successful temptations. 

In summary,to know God better, love Him by keeping His Commandments and observe the changes you experience by obedient living.....These changes become proof of His power, and reveal to the less faithful the Authority of His Worthiness. 

Dean Donahue, Show Low, Arizona

The more I see

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