How can I help my child who was sexually abused?

How can I reach my son who feels everyone around is against him feels fear everyday something bad is going to happen and no one understand what he is going through. He was abused by his father as a child and brother. I raised him in a Pentecost Church after I gave my heart to Jesus Christ. Was sexually abused by church member. My son tells me he cries out to God but no help comes. A Pentecost Pastor and another man has tried contacting him but he won't answer. My son and I both suffer from depression and anxiety. Should I give him scripture that has helped me or just listen at this time?

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Emilio 1992 Emo Tenorio Shomer
Sister lady I am truly saddened by the information in your post so sorry, but now is the time to go to war mama bear, stop at nothing to protect your wounded child cub.

First have the legal authorities been contacted and advised of this situation and the full weight of the legal system brought to bear on these dogs, if not, WHY? 
Do it yourself make the calls now, document all information of those you speak to such as their title, full name, and badge number in person ask for their dept. Business card. This sends the message your dead serious and they could make the six o'clock news if they fail to do their duty, this is war lady wait on no one!

Second seek and contact a neutral third party counsel professional for the both of you, ask the officers who took the reports who they would take their kid to see, or ask around your town or city for someone you can trust.
I would also suggest that at this time, from your son's reaction to church people, that this counsel help come from outside of your church body at this time.

Here are two web links to people who have suffered abuse they can help
and it would do your son some good to see adults who suffered so much
as children, now shining so gloriously.

James & Betty Robison............. www.lifetoday.org
Beth Moore....... www.lproof.org.............email Beth at: feedback@loi.org

Keep in prayer you can do this mama bear your cub depends on you now more than ever, stay in contact with those you trust for support no solo flights now.............

In the Lord's freedom and restoration power.............warrior on

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Img 0323 Lena Crandell
Pray pray pray.

Your son needs to see God in you, his primary guardian. The anger and heartache many people feel who are abuse survivors are from feeling unprotected, loneliness in their crisis, shame. 

Pray about this. Ask God to help you. Your son needs and deserves safety, healing and joy restored. 

I don't know his age but use age appropriate activities to help him. For example. VBS (Vacation Bible School) for kids is a good way for him to learn how to be a child again. A place where he can experience God's love for him. 
Don't get frustrated with his trust issues. He's learned, unfortunately, that people aren't trustworthy. Trust will happen over time, in the right atmosphere. You must foster that atmosphere. 

He also needs to see that his perpetrators were LEGALLY dealt with. He needs to understand that what was done was wrong and that he is innocent. He needs to know you'll do whatever you must to protect him from here on out. 

You, too, should seek biblical counseling for yourself. You'll need encouragement and prayer partners to help when you are stuck or hit a rough patch. 

I prayed for your son, and for you. God bless you both. Don't stop fighting for your son. He's worth it.

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95 1 Jay Saunders
An important thing to know is that a child molester will pay for his crimes some day. Of course we all have to forgive those that abuse us in any manner. That does not mean we're required to give them opportunity to ever defile us again.

When you don't forgive, you will always desire to have revenge but, vengeance is mine says the Lord. My child abuse was blotted out until the day God's power healed me of my abuse.

It happened on Wendsday night. The children's pastor came into the sanctuary and proclaimed God wanted to heal adults that suffered child abuse.

A power came upon me and I fell sideways while setting in the pew next to my wife. It was a wonderful feeling. It seemed like a great weight was lifted.

I was healed by God of something that I could not remember happening to me. Some months latter I ran into this youth pastor at a job site. He lived next door. We said hello to each other, shook hands and hugged. A power moved through my body for a very short moment on contact.

I have felt this power while praying for others as an elder in the church and when I have touched others in prayer. It is the anointing that breaks the yoke of bondage. Our God demonstrates his power in many ways through his servants, but his servants can not predict or know when.

The Holy Spirit is in charge. He moves in power as faith and authority are manifested as he wills it. My best advice is for anyone suffering from child abuse is to call the elders of the church to pray for your healing.

Forgiving is the key to healing. But God inhabits the praises of his people. The spirit of heaviness, is a spirit of depression, fear or anxiety. The best way to minister to yourself is praise, worship and to read the word of God.

The word of God is a medicine unto all your body, soul and spirit. It cleanses, sacrifices, and heals. It has no bad side effects like the medicine of man.

Just some thoughts and observations of an elder in the church.

Wolves in sheep's clothing and tares among the true wheat of God are usually surrendered or controlled by satanic forces. They are usually abused as children themselves, but their is no excuse for stealing the innocence of a child.

I have six grown children and as far as I know, none were ever abused, but I watched over them for this particular problem and didn't know my motivation came from my own child abuse.

Only Jesus can heal so many of us from our past and abuse.

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1440926738 Ruth Ibekwe
Hey Ma'am, I'm so sorry to hear about what happened to you and your baby. It's sad and despicable. But the truth, as difficult as it may be, is for you both to forgive yourselves. You are not to blame for what happened, you did not make those people do the terrible things that they did, and you are not any less because of it. 

Taking them to court and making sure you get justice is fine, but I know for a fact that that won't take away the night sweats, or the bitter fear that you can sometimes taste at the back of your throat, or the feeling that you're falling without a safety net to catch you. You need to start with yourselves. Listen to him, not with the intent to reply, but to understand what he is feeling. Everyone deals in different ways. Ask him what he feels, what he wants, and wait for his response. Do not push! 

Keep praying, as well, for God to reveal Himself to you both. And the purpose for which He has let you survive this thing that looked so insurmountable.
As for you, if you do not deal with yours, you can't help him through his. Be honest with God about your state of heart and mind, be committed to doing what He tells you and open your heart to His love and be ready to forgive and let go. Only then can you begin healing and start on your journey to becoming whole. As you heal, then you can rub off on your son gradually. 

I'm not saying it's going to be easy or it will happen overnight; every once in a while, it'll feel like like the walls are closing in on you, the devil will try to hold you back, But He that is in you, and what He has placed down on the inside of you is stronger and more powerful than anything he (the devil) could throw at you, you don't just know it yet!

You are loved, you are strong and you have everything it takes to come out on the other side of this thing. 

You are a beacon to those who'll need a source of encouragement to guide them in the future, they need you to be ok, I need you to be ok and you will be. I'm praying for you and I believe that God hasn't brought you this far just to leave you. *Hugs* xo

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