Is there any evidence (historical or geological) that the flood actually happened?


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Emilio 1992 Emo Tenorio Supporter Shomer
Great question George, the answer would be Yes there is abundant geological evidence for a global watery cataclysm event as recorded in the Bible.

The rapid movement of large volumes of water would have caused extensive erosion and shaped the basic features of today's Earth surface.
The erosion caused by receding flood waters is the reason that river valleys are far larger than the rivers now flowing in them could have carved (Grand Canyon).

This is consistent with voluminous flood waters draining off emerging land surfaces at the close of Noah's flood and flowing into the rapidly sinking, newly prepared ocean basins.

Now consider mount Everest at eight kilometers more than five miles in height, the layers that form the upper most parts are themselves composed of fossil-bearing, water-deposited layers.
Meaning that at one time this land was below sea level and the condition of the fossil record indicates a rapid uplift.

Ayers rock (Uluru) a sandstone monolith in central Australia is the result of erosion, following tilting and uplift, of previously horizontal beds of water-laid sand.
The feldspar rich sand that makes up Ayers rock must have been deposited very quickly and recently. Long distance transport of the sand would have caused the gains to be rounded and sorted, whereas they are jagged and unsorted.

If they sat accumulating slowly in a lake bed drying in the sun over eons of time, which is the schtick they peddle for the tourists, the feldspar would have weathered into clay. Likewise if Ayers had sat in the once humid area of central Australia for millions of years, it would have weathered to clay.

Near by Kata Tjuta (the Olgas) are composed of an unsorted mixture of large boulders, sand, and mud, indicating that the material must have been transported and deposited very rapidly.

Catastrophic plate tectonics was the mechanism that God designed and used to form the deep ocean basins to hold Noah's flood waters and create the high mountains with perfect intact sea fossils as their crown, that we see today.

In the Lord's freedom to explore His wonders........warrior on

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100 4800 Paul Wood KC-135 Instructor Pilot; Engineer; Disciple Maker
Good one George.
The Bible makes it very clear the Flood was global.
Noah wouldn’t have needed an ark if the flood were regional.
The promise not to flood again would be meaningless at best, a lie at worst.
If it were regional then all mankind would not have perished and escaped God’s judgment.
Over 300 Flood stories around the world in different cultures suggest the Flood was global. For example, West Australian Aboriginal folklore tells of a great Flood.
Worldwide geologic evidence of a flood
Widespread rapidly water deposited strata on a continental or larger scale. 

No erosion between rock layers indicates rapid not gradual deposition. That means large sequences of rock were laid down rapidly and those layers can be correlated over great distances indicating a flood of global proportions. 

Bent but not fractured rock layers indicate the formations were still soft and wet when deformed. These deformations go through many layers of rock indicating rapid deposition of the entire sequence and only a global flood could do that since these layers are thousands of feet thick. 

Megasequences over the entire continent; megasequences are unconformable boundaries between transgressive and regressive phases in flood waters. 

Water gaps worldwide are evidence of water cataclysm of global magnitude

Continental shelves show evidence of large canyons cut by continental runoff all over the world. For a good example, see the canyon west of Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay, CA using Google Earth. 

Canyons worldwide with under-fit rivers that could not have cut the canyons. 

Missing strata over regional areas such as the SW USA; only very large hydraulic activity could cause these and a global flood would do that.

Huge coal deposits worldwide with sorting evident from running water

Mixed marine and terrestrial fossils on every continent
Marine fossils on the tops of mountains
Mass extinctions on a global scale

Chalk beds run from England to the Mideast

There are many more evidences. Visit ICR.org and Answersingenesis.org for more information. 
Stand firm, 

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Open uri20150816 3767 1tn9rak mark wilkinson retired school teacher and missionary
In addition to the excellent answers already given, I'll add a couple of further points.

The evidence of geology is that the world was engulfed by a flood of catastrophic proportions. Polystrate fossil trees that stand upright through 50 feet of rock strata are testimony to a rapid burial. Such trees are usually shorn of their roots and branches showing that they did not simply die and were gradually surrounded by sediments over millions of years, but were the victims of tumult. A tree trunk that took millions of years to be buried in sediment would rot away long before such burial was complete.

Fossils of a fish eating another fish or of a plesiosaur giving birth to its young are evidence of marine creatures being engulfed before they had time to react. These are not features associated with normal death and burial on the sea bed. In any case, creatures that die at sea are quickly scavenged by other animals and may float to the surface at death rather than remain down below. Fossil clams are usually found with both halves of their shells closed - whereas if they had died naturally their muscles would have relaxed and they would be found open - as you can often see on the beach today.

These things are clear evidence of catastrophism and a refutation of the gradualism of traditional geology. The latter teaches that everything took millions of years of slow accumulation of sediments under tranquil conditions - hence the geological table seen in textbooks. The assumption is that things happened in the past the same way as happens now. 'Present processes are the Key to the Past' is the mantra of secular geology. There is no allowance for processes that were different at some time in the past.

But the Genesis account of the flood describes the events of Noah's time as catastrophic and on a global scale. It is interesting that some secular geologists are now challenging 'gradualism', but this does not go down well with their community given that it is committed to upholding evolution, which requires a huge amount of time to support the erroneous theory of gradual biological advancement.

Sadly there are many well-known evangelical leaders and Bible schools who prefer to accept the secular view of geological history rather than the Biblical account. They think that this gives them academic respectability. In doing so they not only show their ignorance of the true scientific facts, but also limit Noah's flood to a local rather than a global event, if they believe it happened at all. Others seek to push earth's geological history and mountain-building back to a time millions of years before Adam - but that can only make the Noachan Flood local in extent, for there is not enough water to have covered Mount Everest in its present condition. It also compromises the theology concerning death. The Bible makes it clear that death and destruction came about after Adam sinned, not before.

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Mp900442426 1 Michael Smith
One more item of 'historical' proof is the fact that many native peoples have within their own creation accounts stories of a great flood. They attribute the flood to different God's or gods, but this similarity means to me that there is a common beginning of all peoples. As they've moved from God, their own stories become tools of control and superstition, but the main beginning has some commonality which can be interpreted as a remembered beginning.

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