Is Doug Addison a real prophet?


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Christa5wat  sm Christa Upton

I do think that Mr. Addison brings up an important point about unloving Christians and uncaring churches. I am not talking about Christians who stand up for the truth of the Word of God or Christians who will not compromise on what God tells us to do or not do. But I am talking about an unfortunately large number of Christians whom I have met or read about over the years who are just plain unloving--unkind, impatient, self-centered, lacking in self control and/or compassion, rude, harsh, arrogant, unwilling to obey Scripture themselves, and judgmental (ridiculously judgmental about such things as people who are poor, dietary choices, and music styles). No wonder some Christians' 'preaching' is just a clanging symbol (I Corinthians 13:1). I am praying for a revival of I Corinthians 13 among Christians and the Church.

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