What is the difference between "The law of Moses" and the "The ten commandments of God"?


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Mini Larry Truelove

The Ten Commandments are within and a part of the Mosaic Law. If you will, they are a subset of the Mosaic Law.
To the extent that they reflect the morality of God's will we are to pay attention them. But like the rest of the Mosaic Law, the Christian is not bound to them because they are part of the Old Covenant. Those which are repeated in the New Covenant are renewed in the New Covenant, but not those which are not renewed.
The Christian is under the New Cov. in Christ., but not the Old Covenant.

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Stringio Brian Driesenga

When you say "the Christian is not bound to them" do you mean they no longer have to follow them? What then does Jesus mean in John 14:15 when he says "If you love me, keep my commandments"?

March 08 2014 Report

Mini Larry Truelove

Your question is understandable, but based on some faulty assumptions. I will answer it the following way.

Did Jesus ever issue any commands of His own that were not composed of or identical with any of the Ten Commandments?

Commands like forgiving a repentant brother, loving one's neighbor, loving God, etc. While consistent with with the Law in Spirit, they are not found in the Ten Commandments.

There are other issues like believing in Christ for salvation, preaching the Gospel, receiving the H.S. which chronologically come later but were still commands of Jesus.

Paul's letters absolved the Christian believer of maintaining the Mosaic Law but offered salvation through Christ. And further demanded diligence consistent with very moral principles through obedience to the HS. (Romans 8:2-4 explains this in part.)

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1962835 886666591363615 5889782195995975036 n Vattachal-Vadakketil Thomas John alias V T John

Most of us think that the Ten Old Testament Commandments were condensed by our Lord Jesus Christ into the Two " New Testament" Commandments.

Pastor Scott Cross has said in his answer (quote with some editing) 'Jesus said that the Law could now be condensed down to
(1) Love the Lord your God with all your heart soul mind and strength and (2) Love your neighbor as yourself.'

Bro:Philip Ramirez is also of the same view.

Our Lord stated these two commandments on the request of a teacher of the Law as is evidenced by Mt.22:36-40 and Mk.12. 28-31. But as per Luke 10:25-29, these two commandments were stated by a teacher of the Law on being prompted by our Lord. And our Lord said to him "You are right".

If a teacher of the Law could state these two commandments, we have to presume that these two commandments are there in the Old Testament itself.

The Two " New Testament" Commandment can be seen in Det 6:5 and in Lev 19:18, respectively.So we cannot say these Two Commandments are "New Testament" Commandments given to us by our Lord

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