Do we tithe 10% of our income generated from investments as well?


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Mini Karen Sweeney

Good question. It seems that it would depend on many factors such as the persons age, how a spouse may feel about it and if there is enough with the income generated from the investments and other sources of income to pay for budgeted expenses. Set a budget and be very prayerful about it. If say for example your spouse refuses to budget, keep praying and praying and praying. And try your best to praying continually about it giving thanks in all circumstances.

If you are disciplined with saving, I personally think that it would even be alright to set a tenth from investments aside until God puts a specific use for it on your heart. Try your best to make sure anything that you give with the extra blessing that God has given you is used in the best possible way and in a way that you will feel really good about knowing that it will help to advance God's purposes. Peace to you

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