What are godly ways Christian women can discourage sexual harassment?

Often it is a leer, a whistle or a remark. No matter how modestly a woman dresses she often has to endure this behaviour simply because she is deemed "less" than men.

How can a Christian woman discourage this behaviour without resorting to words or actions that dishonor Christ?

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Data Jeannette Shields

I am so glad someone asked this question! Since I cannot work (some physical, part visual), I do not work and therefore, don't get out of the house much except to the grocery store, church and post office, the above problem is not exactly the same, but sort of. My problem is the men in the church who feel free to hug. I am divorced and have no children living with me, so I have no protection. This scares me witless, and I don't feel right saying 'No Thank you, I don't want a hug' because I have known them for a while. Occasionally, I can 'use' the being blind card when they come up behind me or to one side and they will listen. Yes, believe me, I dress modestly and I don't flirt.

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Open uri20140221 2878 bxntu0 Tim Willis

Just start quoting him scripture appropriate to the situation. That's how Jesus got rid of the devil.

February 22 2014 Report

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