What does the Bible say about the Catholic church?


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Summary e2cfa3d8db1f51554b1a48f46a26cccd Dele Jude Johnson

We are commanded to preach the gospel to every nook and cranny of the world; to all be they the Jews or Gentiles. The names of Churches are no license or passport to Heaven. They are worship centers. The most important of all is to know God, read your Bible, meditate on the word of God, obey His commandments to the letter, believe that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Saviour.

February 18 2014 Report

Fb img 1590426389417 Nani Babu Nelli

Mainly I observed catholic church in India. Indian Catholic church fully mingled with Hinduism. Except Image of idols every thing is like Hindu rituals are in catholic church here. But Bible is fully against the idol worship. I think that Catholics in India astride of God.

April 24 2014 Report

Mini Laurie Johnson

The answer to "THE QUESTION": No, scripture does not say anything specific about the Catholic church by name. Scripture does say everything about what a believer in Christ should believe and what we should not believe. Also, how we should live our lives vs. how we should not live our lives being a living witness for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

February 15 2023 Report

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