Where is the actual Babylon?

Where is it today and will this definition change during the end times?

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Mini Bob Rutz Jesus loves me.
I once did a rough page count in the Bible on references to Babylon. They add up to about 1.4% of the Bible. Most of these are describing Babylon as it is when destroyed in the Day of The Lord.

As you go through the Concordance references to Babylon, you will find it is at least 5 things:
- A country named Babylon
- The capitol city of that country
- A world-wide economic system
- A world-wide political system
- A world-wide religious system

Half a century ago I walked the well-known ruins of old Babylon, which is south of Baghdad. Later, in what could prophetically be considered a dress rehearsal for the man of sin (II Thess.2) rebuilding it, Saddam Hussein did a lot of restoration work there. You can Google thousands of references to Babylon's location in Iraq, including detailed site plans from generations of archeologists.

I believe the vision of the woman in the ephah in Zecharian 5:5-11 being moved to the Land of Shinar describes the literal moving of the center of the world-wide Babylon religious system back to its original location there.

As the new capital of Brazil, Brazilia was carved out of the jungle in an incredibly short time, I believe the man of sin, incarnated by satan himself, ruling over the entire Babylon world-wide systems, will be able to build his amazing capitol in a very short time. Both its creation and destruction are graphically described in Revelation chapters 17 and 18. Human trafficking is just one of its many trading commodities listed in 18:11-13.

In Matthew 24:3, Jesus is asked three important questions about the destruction of the temple they are looking at, the sign of His coming and of the close of the age. He then proceeds to give detailed answers to these questions clear through to the end of Chapter 25.

In 24:4-8 He lists:
- False Christs or false acknowledgements of Him as Christ
- Wars
- Rumors of wars
- Nation rising against nation
- Kingdom arising against kingdom
- Famines
- earthquakes in various places
and characterizes these events at "birth-pangs" and "end is not yet" signs.
He then gives us the final sign in 24:14: the preaching of the Gospel of the Kingdom throughout the whole world as a testimony all "ethnos" - translated here as "nations", which includes the "every tribe, tongue, people, and nation" of Rev. 7:9.

The Scoreboard of this countdown is at www.JoshuaProject.org, where the 17,000 Unreached Peoples of 30 years ago are now down to 7,200 and counting. (If you want to ask the Lord for one of them, they are going fast! He can show you how to connect, how to build or become part of a team of intercessors, senders, and harvesters through whom the Lord will win them to Himself!

Every one of those Unreached Peoples lives in a country, and every one of those countries has people living right here in U.S. cities within a 10-minute drive of many evangelical Christians. Could God use you to find and befriend them as some part of a God-strategy to reach the Unreached tribes back in their country?

The Lord sent me to Iran for 23 years. Are Iranians important? The first 3 peoples listed in Acts 2:8-11 are all Iranians! JoshuaProject.org still lists 85 Least Reached Peoples in Iran. There are millions of Iranians living in the U.S. Are any close to you?

God has placed us at the very end of this age, the most exciting times in the history of the world, and He has disclosed in His prophetic word the outlines we need to know where we are at, so we need to take His advice through Peter to "Pay attention to the prophetic word, like a light shining in a dark place. So learn, watch, and observe Babylon as you see it come together before your very eyes, and be very careful to heed all God's warnings about it, even as we continue in the greatest rescue operation of all time, freeing its slaves and victims into God's Kingdom!

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