What does it mean to not see what we see?


Matthew 5:43 - 48

ESV - 43 "You have heard that it was said, 'You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.' 44 But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.

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Mini Aija Brauvere
“Do you have eyes but fail to see, and ears but fail to hear? And don't you remember?.... Mark 8:18; Jeremiah 5:21. 

On this question God has answered Himself.

In the Bible God shows that in the innermost recesses of their hearts people are unbelieving, disobedient, stubborn, rebellious, idolaters; focused on all the other things of this world rather than on Him. Even those who call themselves Christians often do not really see who Jesus is, what He has done and what God’s promises are.
People harden their hearts and could come to the point when there is no remedy for them anymore.
The same like in the case of Egyptian pharaoh and other examples given in the Bible, today is nothing changed. When people harden their hearts by living according to their own understanding, feelings and without God; or only with occasional remembering Him, than naturally they become or already are spiritually blinded. Never ever they can understand the things of God and His Kingdom. They are not able to perceive the advices from God, which if applied, could heal their broken spirits, hearts, souls and bodies. 
People pray to dead people though there is only One to whom we are allowed - in spirit and in truth - to pray, to God alone; bow down in front of paintings, photos and even in front of mere human beings, though we are allowed bow down only in front of Jesus our Lord and God,- in our Spirit and in Truth; eat ‘sanctified’ (blessed food) without understanding what that means and is that acceptable to God; baptise babies when God has not commanded or advised to do so; perform many rituals; pray to Mary who is the same human being as we all are, and was just an instrument in the God’s hands just as we are; go to churches but getting out of them, forget the very words of God – to love each other, and live their lives only for themselves gossiping, slandering, cheating, fighting etc., not looking around with loving heart. People live following traditions but not to that what God is saying. 
They may see but never perceive which means - do not understand fully or understand in part.
Mark 13:15). 
In that is fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah. Israelites, though, they experienced the love, goodness, enormous help; all blessings of God, they remained rebellious and unbelieving. So it is spoken not only to them but also to all the other nations of the earth. 
Acts 14:17-24; Romans 1:19-20…. In Ezekiel 12:2 God is speaking about rebellious people.
Because of our own obstinate spirit, because we tend to rely on ourselves, trust other people more than God, we are leading our lives on own, and so challenge Holy God. Not really wise thing to do.
And God gave them a spirit of stupor. (Romans 11:8).
Reject Him, “about whom even heavens declare His glory, and skies proclaim the work of His hands!’ (Psalm 19) 
In order to see and hear, ask Jesus every day to open your ears and enlighten the eyes of your heart (Mark 8:22-25). 
If more you ask if more He gives. John 16:13; Acts 3:19. 

And try not to be in close relationship with those who say that there is no God.Psalm 14:1; Psalm 53:1; Psalm 10:4. They are able to lead you away from truth.

God’s greatest desire is that every person come to Jesus and are saved. After submitting yourself to HIM, take your stand and than
“lead out those who have eyes but are blind, who have ears but are deaf” (Isaiah 43:8). 

Listen Jesus: John 16:12-14.
Dear child of God, make Jesus your King and Shepherd. Be filled with the Holy Spirit, praise Him, pray and read the Bible may you are enabled to see and hear. 
Read and hear Jesus in here - Mark 4:11-12 and Luke 8:9-10 and Matthew 13:11-13.
Do not harden your heart: 
Lets pray:
Dear Father! We praise You and thank You for Your love to us and for great promises. We pray may Your Holy Spirit counsel us and give us wisdom to see, to hear and perceive it clearly.
Dear Father, thank You; in precious Jesus name we pray. Amen. Acts 26:18; Ephesians 1:17-21; Isaiah 11:2.

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White blue peacock Karla Mcgrath
I think that you can "see" on different levels.  You can see the surface of something or you can see it deeply, and perhaps many places in between.  The Bible tells us we see things incompletely now and that God's thoughts are not our thoughts.  Jesus in Matthew 5:43 is helping his hearers to delve more deeply into the need to love others.  To "see" that even loving your neighbor is not enough.  On a deeper level, we need to love even our enemies.  This reveals more about God than anything else.

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Lificonl100png Lifey Lackadaisy Lifey
People have an innate sense that allows them to detect other warm bodies nearby, often referred to as the sixth sense.  This is to help us seek each other out, I suppose.

You can see without actually eye-seeing, so to speak.  At least, that's what I think.

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