Is it spiritually right or wrong for married couple to use sex toys during sex?


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Data Doreen Lovell Evangelist and Prayer Intercessor
In mym opinion God created us and gave us all the rtools necessary to live a life of love and good sexual relationship in our marriage. Why then do we need to turn to what man made and think is necessary to bring out the spirituality of sex in a marriage

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1386407836 sunny atoms
First and foremost, the bible has not really addressed this issue directly but I believe that there is a guide in the scripture and we must trust the leading of the Holy Spirit in all things. Philippians 4:8 " Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable-if anything is excellent or praise worthy- think about such things" Whatever we allow in our relationship as Christians even in marriage should conform with these guidelines of the scripture.

We must continually ask the question, Is it true, noble, right, pure, lovely in God's sight, admirable, excellent or praiseworthy? If in our heart, sex toys doesn't pass these eight test, then we have the answers we are looking for.
Secondly, we can learn from the early Apostles. Now this was repeated severally in the book of Acts, a look at chapter 15, verse 28 " It seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us......" Most of the things the early Apostles did were those which they perceived was good not just to them but first to the Holy Spirit. We must ensure that whatever we allow in our marriage bed, which The Lord has commanded to be undefiled (Heb 13:4), must seem good also to the Holy Spirit. 

Lastly, when we substitute something else in the place of the original, we 
might be gradually slipping into another form of idolatry! If our conscience doesn't condemn us as Children of God then we have peace with God 1John 3:21.

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Mini Arlie Frye
I have never thought about this topic before, but it definitely sparked my interest. I think that sex toys are completely okay in a relationship as long as it is 100% mutual. In fact, 'spicing-up' the sex life of a couple could actually be good and I might even go so far as to say it can be healthy for their relationship. As for if the Bible condones the use of such 'toys' I cant really say. It is up to the couple. Regardless, I can guarantee that no matter what decision is made in regard to this matter GOd is still going to love you. Why should we squabble over such small matters anyways? God knows our intentions and if couples use sex toys in a matter that they think is pure (as pure as sex toys can get), then He will not judge us based on that.

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Image41 Ezekiel Kimosop
My view is that the use of sex toys borders on abominations for which God warns us to flee from. 

It is an act of denial of a couple's completeness before God. Adam and Eve were a perfect match when God created them (Genesis 2:21-25). The Bible says they were not ashamed even in their nakedness. They were perfect and complete in God's eyes. 

My view is that God made us complete and perfect for one another in marriage and we do not require any complimentation of sex gadgets to enjoy intimacy. 

Sex toys are gadgets designed for the porn industry which portrays sex as a pleasure tool outside covenant or marriage context. It is the representation of the evil debasement of what God has declared holy. 

If we therefore borrow the gadgets of the wicked porn industry into our bedroom, what stops us from copying their other sexual abominations such as deviant sexual practices and even porn movies? 

The idea that sex toy enhance sexual intimacy is a false and deceptive tool employed by Satan to draw us into sexual sin. 

My view is that since the Bible says that whatever is not of faith is sin, such deviant practices should be condemned and rejected by Bible believing Christians. The issue of mutual consent cannot arise here. 

Why should a couple desire more pleasure than they can obtain in their natural, God given nature? 

Who decides or determines that sex toys provide ideal pleasure or any at all?

We are warned by Scripture to keep away from any appearance of evil and sex toys are just one example of such ungodly contaminations which we should avoid.

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Data Taiwo Adekeye
In my opinion,there must be agreement btwn the couple as to usage of sex toys since they would not want to go into such sin like abortion and the like,therefore I did not see anything wrong spiritually if only this is adhered to.

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Open uri20161205 5899 16uknvz Kathy Akers Homemaker
In my opinion, if the marriage is of one woman and one man, and if you don't feel convicted by the Holy Spirit that this is not wrong, than this is okay for this couple, but some couples may feel convicted by the Holy Spirit that this is not to be used in their sexual relations. Pray before doing this, and God will let you know.

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Mini Geoff Smith
Without adding what others have previously said, marriage is a gift God gave to us to share with one man or one woman (depending on your gender reading this). Sex was designed to be pleasurable once that covenant of marriage was pronounced before God and all that you are faithful and committed to one another for life. This gives the couple permission to enjoy that gift together. Although the Bible does not specifically address this subject, in my humble opinion, God gave us the gift of sex within marriage between one man and one woman. The use of "toys", if mutually agreed upon by the couple should not deter from Gods word. The Bible does specify between one man and one woman so adding others or pornography is not within Gods word, but a "toy" to be used during the couples time, as long as mutually agreed should not be against Gods wishes. My personal opinion? Pray together about it and God will put the answer into you.

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Mini Kristine Rodrigues
The use of sex toys is in fact mentioned in the Bible as well as looking at pictures of the opposite sex to lust after. These are brought up in several places in the Old Testament. It is in direct connection with idolatry and adultery. It is only referenced In connection with sin against God, so one can see the deep spiritual association. And to be frank, many sex toys are molded from actual human body parts. 

To use a device that is formed as an exact replica of another man/woman’s body seems akin to adultery and fornication. Some are not directly molded from human genitalia, but rather designed to look just like it or formed to resemble. Where would you draw the line? When you buy a sex toy you need to go to a store that sells all sorts of pornographic materials. That should say a lot about the spiritual roots of using sex toys. Song of Solomon refers to the beautiful union between man and woman, flesh to flesh. I believe the use of sex toys alienates husband and wife from each and other in the end leads them into sinful desires and activities. It is rooted in sin and opening the door, even just a little, can lead people into a world of sin.

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Mini Trevor Goodenough
In my opinion sex toys are fine in a loving Christian marriage. Do we worship the toys or God? Do we think of them as a replacement for our God-given parts? If so, we are on the wrong path. 

Consider the scripture that tells us to beware that persistent fasting can cause one to stray, be mindful of one another's needs. So the bible tells us that sex is important. What about those that are impotent? Is it wrong to pleasure your Christian wife with a vibrator or some other toy? What about those that are deaf or have bad sight? Are hearing aids or glasses to be banned by Christians? Of course not.

Age and sexual changes can often be helped by these devices, and so long as your conscience is clear, it’s just the two of you, and both are consenting, then why not? Just like oral sex and other things, it is not a sin or even mentioned in scripture.

I'm sure the Law Covenant would have told us—and don't forget we are not bound by all the hundreds of laws the Israelites had to follow—Christ freed us from those laws and told us to love one another. If you love your wife or husband and can make them feel better and loved, well, give me a good and honest answer why not!

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