Is it spiritually right or wrong for married couple to use sex toys during sex?


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Mini Yolanda Allen

I would like to know the answere to that one myself.

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Stringio peace Adebusari

This is a very important and controversial question, it needs an urgent attention, please let's get the answers right

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Data Danny Hickman

Some of these answers and comments make me laugh out loud.

My wife Faye and I are old geezers now, so my comment is about when we were a young sexually active couple.

Listen: WE AIN'T EVER PRAYED before getting busy!! What kind of praying is that?

I don't want to talk about sexual activity and toys and such. I want to talk about what it is to petition God in prayer.
I know what it is to go into prayer on the spur of the moment because something pops up and we need to quickly ask God to come to the rescue. (the starting quarterback gets knocked out of the game, etc).

But to say a couple is thinking of engaging in sexual activity and they think they need to talk to God about it? That ain't ever been me and my wife. I don't understand that kind of praying. My prayers about my marriage have never included ANYTHING about our sex life. And those requests for Godly marital and spiritual guidance occur during PRAYER TIME...

We've now been married 49 years and not once have I asked God anything about sexual activity. And I'm one of those people who is constantly doing what one of my dad's assistant ministers used to call, 'BOMBARDING HEAVEN.' Praying all the time!!

But not about that. It has never come to mind when I'm petitioning God. And it certainly never came into my head when I was getting ready to get busy! I mean, come on let's be serious!

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Data Danny Hickman

I'm going to stay on this discussion side with my commentary because there are too many comments that I want to challenge.

The use of sexual aids causing comments to veer into equating what I see as "adventurous sex" with getting an abortion. Lol (yeah, I laughed out loud at that)

Do we really think this way, or is this just a reflection of what we put into print on a site dedicated to spiritual development?

There are all sorts of sexual products used to aid in sexual pleasure. Ask yourself this: is there anything evil or ungodly about sexual pleasure? Your answer to that will determine if you should stop reading.

If you continued reading: there are brushes and creams, plugs and rings (that rhymes); they are manufactured to enhance sexual pleasure; they are not the work of evil men unless sexual pleasure is an evil desire.


The porn industry is getting too much attention from the church. Husbands and wives enjoying themselves in a sexual way is viewed by many in the church as being the result of the burgeoning porn industry. That's ridiculous. Husbands and wives enjoying themselves sexually FAR OUTDATES the porn industry as we know it. Let's be real!!

Again, there are many reasons why a wife and her husband will access the use of sexual aids. But we don't have to come up with excuses for why they do. ENHANCED SEXUAL PLEASURE is good enouhj!!

If anyone thinks enhanced sexual pleasure is ungodly, evil, anti-family or something ridiculous like that.. okay.

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