How do I know that I can physically heal people?

Although this is a rare gift, I often feel the urge to heal people in the name of Christ. Once at church, I noticed a man who had difficulty standing, and I nearly ended up crying, with my soul saying "Oh Lord! If you can hear me (which I knew He could) then please heal this man?"

EDIT: Last night, I had a dream where I healed someone. I said "In the name of Jesus," and the person was healed. I was about to say "In the name of Jesus, I pray that you may be healed." What does this mean?

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David goliath victory hg clr Jim Tumlinson One beggar leading others to where the bread is
It is a matter of faith, it is what you are taught you can do. There are many out there that do not think healing is for today, there are others that when someone doesn’t get healed on the spot think that it is not Gods will. 

Then there is you, the person who in the beginning operating in the gifts of healings and then all of a sudden you don’t see people get healed on the spot and you begin to think you are in sin or some other crazy thing. Or you will start to justify that person not getting healed on the spot with “It must not be Gods will.” 

I am here to tell you that I went through most of the above. I was taught about healing and I laid hands on a lot of people and here are some accounts; 
Arms grew out, legs grew out, hernia healed, neck and back healed, vision etc.

I once prayed for a baby and nothing happened on the spot, I had to return two weeks later for a job related thing and found the baby no longer crying and off the medication, it took time for the healing to manifest.
I have also prayed for at least two people that I know of that have died.
Currently my wife is in a wheel chair because she fell and broke her femur, and yet we still believe for supernatural healing. And I still teach on healing.

None of the things that I have seen or gone through will keep me from not believing Gods word. In Mark 16:17 it tells us the signs that will follow those who believe, not believers but those who believe. If you don’t believe you can lay hands on the sick and they will recover then you won’t do it. Plain and simple. But that's okay, it is what you believe. You believe your are saved by grace then you get saved, if you don't then you won't.

Jesus said this; Mark 9:23-24 "'If you can'?" said Jesus. "Everything is possible for him who believes." 
24 Immediately the boy's father exclaimed, "I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!" NIV

Jesus said if you can believe, if you can believe you are saved then you get saved, if you believe you can heal the sick then you can heal the sick, "All things are possible to them that believes" Jesus said a powerful thing here.

If I have a problem believing then I ask God to help my unbelief but I will not justify my unbelief or some other lack of understanding of what God is doing with “It must not be Gods will to heal you” that is bull.
1 Peter 2:24 He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; by his wounds you have been healed. NIV

Notice the word “Healed” is in the past tense, which does not indicate it is not Gods will but states we were healed no matter the facts. At this very moment the FACT is my wife has a broken femur (for real) the TRUTH is by Jesus stripes she was healed. I always put truth over fact in spite of what I see. We do the same with salvation, FACT we still sin, TRUTH we are the righteousness of God in Christ. You cannot believe one way and not the other. You start and keep using the powerful name of Jesus and lay hands on the sick and watch them recover and if you don’t see it happen on the spot IT DOESN’T MEAN THEY ARE NOT HEALED, it only means you didn’t see them get healed on the spot.

You charge on and do great things and heal the sick whenever you see them. Always remember no matter what people say “IT IS THE WILL OF GOD FOR PEOPLE TO BE HEALED” no matter what we see. THE JUST SHALL WALK BY FAITH.

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Mini Shantkumar S. Kunjam An Indian, Mennonite Church, Pastor, Administrator, Bishop,
Very first thing everyone should know is that no one can heal any one. Even the best physician of this world cannot heal anyone. Healing belongs to God and it is He Who can heal any one. Physicians by their skill just make things conducive to healing and then God takes over, an atheist would say nature takes over, the healing. In fact it is God Who uses both the nature and the physicians for healing some one. Remember here Paul's words in 1 Corinthians 3:6, "I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the increase". And this saying is true for physical healing also.

In the episode of the dry bones in Ezekiel 37 the prophet is asked by the Lord whether the dry bones can live. The prophet's reply was "O Lord God, You know" (v. 3). That means, the prophet did not know whether the dry bones could live or not. But God commands this prophet to utter the prophetic words of life to the bones. The prophet obeys God's command and utters the prophetic words of life. And in stages the bones come to life.

Or let us consider the words of the Roman centurion in Mt. 8:5-13. He simply requests Jesus to send His word into his house to heal his servant. He did not consider himself worthy of Jesus coming to his house. But his humility is not so much admired by Jesus, it his faith in the power of Jesus' words that is admired. He believed that Words of Jesus, independent of Jesus going to the house, will go into the house and heal the servant, like his subordinate soldiers would obey him and do the works they are told.

(By the way, the saying of Jesus in v. 10 "Assuredly, I say to you, I have not found such great faith, not even in Israel" is one more proof that Jesus was present all the time in the whole history of Israel. The same thing is evidenced by Jesus' words in Mt. 23:37).

Whether we realize it or not, the good health that many of us are enjoying is the result of God's healing touch in our lives, in spite of the fact that we are under the curse of death. Sometimes this touch is removed and then we fall sick, with always a godly purpose.

In some cases God wants to heal miraculously. Sometimes God requires His servants to utter the prophetic words for the healing.

There are two types of miraculous healing. One healing is by prayers of the saints (James 5:14). Another miraculous healing is done by prophetic words of individual believers. In this healing that individual is very much in God's contact in prayer. And this is what is all about in Jesus commanding the fig tree to wither (Mk. 11:12-14, 20-25). The disciples are here commanded to have faith in God and showing their faith in forgiving others, in praying confidently and in commanding things to come into being. Jesus said even mountains will obey them. When anyone feels God's leading for the healing of someone, he goes there and utters the prophetic words of healing and that person is healed. I do not have much experience in this. At least once I uttered the words of healing and a person was healed. God be praised.

So my friend, if you feel in your spirit God's leading to utter the prophetic words of healing then do it, without thinking whether your faith is up to the measure or not. It is not you who is the healer, but it is God Who is the healer. Obey God and looking unto Him utter the words. And then in that healing let God alone get the whole credit. God bless you.

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Open uri20130923 15823 anf1mf Ron Graham
It may be valuable to make a distinction between (A) praying for the sick and (B) exercising the gift of healing. 

(A) Anyone can pray for the sick, and God answers according to his own counsel. Many have experienced occasions where they have prayed for a sick person and healing, or marked improvement, has ensued, in some cases quite against what doctors had expected. However this is not the "gift of healing" as described in the Bible (for example Mark 16:15-18). It is the blessing given to all: "in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God..." (Philippians 4: 5-7).

(B) The gift of healing is named among the "spiritual gifts" (1Corinthians 12:7-11,29-31). In his rhetorical question, "Do all have gifts of healing?" Paul is really saying that not all have gifts of healing. Paul explains in that chapter that the Holy Spirit distributes the gifts to some, but not to all, "as he wills" (1 Corinthians 12:4-11). We notice in every Bible example that when the gift of healing is applied to the sick, total healing is always the result. "They shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover" (Mark 16:18). The gift of healing never results in failure, or mere improvement, but in complete healing of the illness or disability (for example Acts v3:1-10). 

This distinction, and these observations, might offer a clear answer to the question. You know that you have the gift of healing if, every time you attempt to exercise it upon a sick or disabled person, your attempt succeeds. The person is made whole, the malady is completely cured. Anything less than that won't do, because it does not honor the Biblical pattern of the gift.

Of course, if we lack the gift of healing (or any other miraculous gift) it is no reflection upon us or the measure of grace that we have received. We are still entitled, and encouraged, to pray for the sick and thus bring them supernatural help. For a list of lessons on healing you are welcome to look at http://www.simplybible.com.au/dsrchres.htm?query="healing"

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Mini Jose de Carvalho Seminary Theology Graduate
Most of the responses to this question appeal to Jesus' healing ministry in one way or another, however Continuationists do not offer sufficient clarity in their position as to whether Jesus is the pattern for the Church today or not. This does not necessarily mean cessationism, but it would help clarify the issue of healing miracles in the Church and preclude simply using Jesus and the apostles as models for the contemporaneous Church without further explanation., therefore the question should be on the validity of Christoconformity in a contemporaneous healing ministry. 

The contention that Jesus was fully human and acting under the anointing power of the Holy Spirit, hence believers can be similarly anointed and therefore can also heal, must take into consideration his deity, messianic mission, the distinctiveness of Jesus as a perfect man without sin thus in a perfect relationship with Father. 

Preliminary the claim that Jesus acted as a model healer to be emulated today presents significant doctrinal problems as the Jesus presented by the gospel authors ministered distinctively and uniquely. Therefore his followers by definition may function at best only in a limited capacity. 

Any assumption that Jesus delegated authority to his followers to function as he did must take in consideration the distinctiveness of his ministry and trace the biblical accounts of the ministry of healing of a) Israel’s divine healer, b) the Messiah, c) apostles and then compare it to that of contemporaneous believers, notwithstanding the fact that even if the Lord's authority is available to believers this may not equal the similar anointing to heal.

Empirically the historical ministry of healing in the Church in the main does not display the instantaneous, complete healing narrated in the gospels. Modern medical science or God-given providence through medical science cannot replicate the organic healings that Jesus did; therefore what we witness today does not reflect the ministry of Jesus in any form. 

This is not denying the possibility of divine healing occurring today, but that it is more appropriate to accept the distinctness and uniqueness of the One gifted to heal and the pedagogical value of his healing ministry. It is however not a model to emulate with corresponding results and a standard for ministry today. 

At this junction it must be noted that the writer is not advocating an approach judged on the basis of outcomes (Teleological) as believers have an ethical and biblical duty to minister to the sick. Those that appeal to the healing ministry of our Lord as a model for praxis despite the lack of positive, empirical evidence (Rule – Deontologists) should then reflect whether this action has biblical validation.

Jesus’s healing ministry uniquely expresses the ultimate redemptive divine will and desire of God. Although this pattern is what God wishes to display in salvation history, the full benefit of the atonement is not available now, therefore believers will experience both sides of the promise paradox of the ‘already’ and the ‘not yet’ in this side of heaven - in different measures, by different individuals, at different times.

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Mini Collins Otonna
The power and authority to heal is already there, given to us by God as faithful Christians, but it is akin to driving. Cars are there to be driven, but a lad has to go through the process of learning to start driving. We do not need new gifts to heal, but we must manifest a readiness and maturity to manifest that authority through really walking with God, and being faithful to him.

Secondly, we must not regard healing as paramount as sometimes hidden sins and ancestral burdens and unbelief in the patient can hinder the flow of the holy spirit to heal. Also, some people are sick through the will of God manifesting a distinct purpose in their life. Thirdly, never assume that you heal, but God does according to his will. Finally, remember that healings do not have to be instantaneous, as that is expected for show.

What I do is pray for the patient, imploring the lord to bring healing according to his will and time, and I decree the healing according to the Lord's will, reminding the patient to remain prayerful.

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Emilio 1992 Emo Tenorio Shomer
Scripture speaks of a coming season, when God will pour out His Spirit on all flesh, and there will be signs and wonders for human kind.

Consider young David though he was just a boy, with the correct heart toward God when the prophet Samuel anointed him king.
Also young Joseph would save his family and provide a safe place for the birth of a great nation Israel.

The God we serve is no respecter of persons, meaning we are equal before Him, perhaps to those with the proper humble heart a special mission.

In this season many of our great generals of the faith have gone to their reward while others are long in their years. God is bringing fore a new generation of warriors and they are rising to complete our current age!

As our Lord said keep knocking and the door will be opened, with God all things are possible to them that believe...

In the Lord's freedom, excitement and let no man stop you.......warrior on

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Mini Pastor Paz
Hmmm. Well, first lets look at the scriptures. When we say that "I can heal, or can not heal", it is really a matter of whether or not you have received power to do so, and then, there Is the will of God, too.

Mathew 10:1, 10:8, Luke 9:1&2, 10:9, Mark 3:15.....to point to a few... Jesus gave the disciples power over unclean spirits, and the power to heal sickness and diseases... BUT..... Let's take a look at Mathew 13:56-58. JESUS HIMSELF could not do many miracles there because of the peoples unbelief. In some cases, the centurian, and the woman with the daughter (think scraps from the table), the healing was not for the sick person- who may not have even known or believed in Jesus, but the person asking believed in Jesus.....

Jesus also had to pray for some people, TWICE ~.

Today, there is a LOT of unbelief, not only in the unsaved, but right in our churches! Entire denominations REJECTING GODS word, and power, and accusing GOD of being asleep, and removed from our world today... they are guilty of spreading the seeds of doubt and disobedience.... and making it very difficult for Christ to receive glory today...

Then there is the issue of needing to pray and fast. "this sort cometh not out but by prayer and fasting". In other words, some ticks you can see and pluck off a dog easily, others, you need to dig deep to find, and then its best not to pull them, but to suffocate them with vasoline.... sometimes, as Jesus gave our example, He would separate Himself before the days' teaching and preaching. This time was prayer and fasting, and preparation. 

Today, there is a lot of "unbelief". We need to be tuned into the HolySpirit Power, and we need to make sure we are believing in the power that has been given to us, because we may come up against a particular heavy duty demonic spirit, that knows you are weak and not at the top of your game....

All said, if you are willing to pay the price to receive the anointing necessary to walk in that type of power, it is possible. BUT, remember, it is like what I tell people who are seeking to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit... if you are seeking the gift, instead of the gift giver, it is likely you will not receive. If you make a full repentance, get your heart, your mind, your motives, aligned to God's will, and in being right with God, you can! Remember, there are going to be a bunch of people that stand in front of Jesus and boast of all the sick they healed, all the prophecies they spoke, all the demons they cast out, in the NAME of JESUS CHRIST..... He called them workers of iniquity. Don't let your ego and flesh be the reason... let the love and compassion for others, and your love for God, and desire to bring Glory to the Father and to Christ move you to a deeper place in Jesus. There will be a price to be paid. And remember, you will never be God, so don't try to be Him.... be you, and the you He created you to be!

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Data rogers ward
This prophet writes by permission and expierence with the gift. It is not us (man) that heals, it is the Holy Spirit.

I have been on both sides of healing. I was playing basketball and landed awkwardly on my knee. As I grimmaced in pain ten prayer warriors, mighty men of faith at Calvary Christian Center, Sacramento, California immediately ran over and laid hands on my legs and started praying. I immediately felt the Holy Spirit enter into my body. All of the pain immediately left. My leg felt stronger than ever.

On another occassion I was standing in a cafeteria line conversing with a sister. She coughed and remarked" don't get to close I have a terrible cold". I instantly laid hands on her and prayed. She began to breathe freely without sniffle or sneeze and her coughing ceased instantly.

I know that it was not me but the Holy Spirit working thru me. Glory to God.

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Mini Oluranti OLURINOLA Servant of God and a Pastor in Gospel Faith Mission Church
The Bible declares that those that are led by the Spirit of the Lord are the children of God (Rom 8:14). So any time you are led by the Spirit of God to either proclaim healing on the sick, or to lay hands on the sick; do so believing that God will back up His word and deliver the sick. Remember that "... if thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth" (Mark 9:23).

Ranti Olurinola

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Raccoo Bob Johnson Layperson. Self Educated Theologically - see full bio
Always remember: WE don't heal. Only God does. But he might use people as a means to healing. And sometime He might and sometimes He might not use you. Everything is God. You are His servant. All the Glory goes to God. The minute you say "I healed...." you are letting self get in the way. Do not accept praise from people. Give it all back to God. And really mean it.

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Seth3 Seth Freeman
Call me a simple man, but perhaps the answer to the question of knowing whether or not you have the gift of healing is to try to exercise that gift and see what happens. 

All of us have gifts given to us by the Holy Spirit with the purpose of glorifying God and making His kingdom known. If you believe you may have the gift of healing, then when you believe you are being prompted by the Holy Spirit to exercise the gift, do it in faith. 

If the person is healed, you may have it. If not, you may want to pray some more for the Spirit to help you discern the truth.

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1516588950 Lexie Duncan
And he said unto them, This kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting. Mark 9:29....
God can give is the power to heal others, but we have to BELIEVE! And have fasted an prayed. (We have to be in a spiritually stable place.)

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