What does God say about a soldier taking a life in war, or a policeman on the job?

In the new covenant that God made with Noah, God tells us that life is in the blood and all blood belongs to him. He also says in verse 6 "Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed, for God made man in his own image."  

My question is what about soldiers that have killed in war? Or policemen on the job? Or murder out of self-defense? 

How does God view these instances?  

Genesis 9:5 - 6

ESV - 5 And for your lifeblood I will require a reckoning: from every beast I will require it and from man. From his fellow man I will require a reckoning for the life of man. 6 Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed, for God made man in his own image.

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Mini Mike Potter

Carefully consider your answers in this question. There may likely be soldiers who have participated in battles and who are suffering and reaching out for solace.
King Solomon explained over two thousand years ago there is a time for war.
If we did not have our precious soldiers who are willing to suffer for us, none of us would be able to have this forum. I personally know numbers of troops who are and have been in war. Trust me that they are devout and love The Lord. There are those who say that hitlers army was Christian based. Look closer. The third reicht is a level of satanism and it's now known that hitler participated in satanism and was friendly with the muslims. It's my notion that General Patton was what I coin (my own description) an Angel of the moment. I say that because he completed numbers of supernatural success during the second war only to be taken home in a vehicular accident right at the close of hostilities. I support our troops and pray for them. In fact, our local churches pray for them was recorded and played for a group who were about to go overseas. They were all very touched and affected by that step. At least one did not come home. The question is fair enough, any quest for knowledge is fair enough. Answers should be carefully considered because they may be damaging to souls. This country is now engaged in a religious war. Nothing more nothing less. If not for those who have volunteered to go fight it, we would not be able to worship the only true God. There could be an argument raised against those of us, myself included, who have not stepped up and fought for the word of Jesus Christ. To that, I remain personally grieved as I am too old to go..

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Mini Frederick Thomas

Their are two positions here. A Christian in the army and a Christian in the world. I see the problem of Christian fighting against Christians. The army or defence force has been givin the sword to execute judgement on evil doers and we christians on the land have the sword of forgiveness. If I'm in the defence force and are ask to be involved in and action to without reason to attack opposition, Christians must refuse, but if for a enemy force are invading and murder without reason the defence force have the God given duty to defend reasonably or with the sword if reasonably needed. That way Christians won't fight againts Christians. Defending the good the poor the inocent the weak.

January 12 2014 Report

D4f4c7f0 b9a3 4dc3 a768 412c1e7ad3a2 Doreen Pennells

At the time of 9/11 when some men on a flight caught wind of the planned crashing of the plane full of people into the Pentagon, several men together rose up and took control of the plane crashing it into the ground before it could reach it's destination. In so doing, they gave their lives as well. The Bible says that to lay one's life down for another is the greatest love. I believe many "others" were spared in the Pentagon. I believe God would accept this action as love.

January 13 2014 Report

Mini Mike Potter

As the second war rolled on there was inertia on the side of the Allied Forces. Hitlers Army was still very powerful and dangerous. It was retreating across Europe with the American Army in hot pursuit. Hitlers plan was to cross the Rhine River and have his Army entrench there. That step, had it been successful, would have meant the lost lives of countless American Soldiers as they battled against a formidable, entrenched Army while attempting to cross the Rhine. The Army needed boats. Small boats and many of them. The Army called out to each boat builder here at home, to build enough boats to get to our men so they could cross the Rhine and finish Hitler before his Army could dig in. The mil spec of the boat called for a compound saw cut that had not previously been done. Rather, the shape of the scantling in question meant hand fitting it. There was no known way to form the board rapidly enough to build enough boats to get the American Army across the Rhine before Hitlers Army dug in. W.C. Meloon was founder and owner of Pine Castle Boat Company. He promised the Army he could deliver an amount of boats that was not possible in the time frame he was allowed. When challenged by his staff he explained he would pray to The Lord and recieve the answer. That night, The Lord showed him how to build a saw that would form the board in one step. See the next post for rest

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Mini Mike Potter

Mr. Meloon built the saw, which built the boats. He then drove across the country picking up partially completed boats from other builders who could not complete their quota. He finished all boats ahead of time. The American Army crossed the Rhine River on those boats and finished Hitlers reign of terror. This subject is closed.

January 16 2014 Report

Stringio Bill Samuel

My friend Rob Arner read everything early Christian leaders (1st 3 centuries) wrote that is available. The results are summarized in his book, Consistently Pro-Life: The Ethics of Bloodshed in Ancient Christianity. He could find no instance of any early Christian justifying a Christian killing another person - whether in war, abortion, the death penalty or whatever. Every major early Church father maintained that one could not be a follower of Christ and kill another person. This only changed after Constantine's conversion, and the church changed dramatically to become a supporter of empire - while our Lord and Savior was executed essentially for being a threat to empire.

Those closest to the time when Jesus walked the earth were completely agreed that his message forbade killing by Christians. A number of early Christians were martyred for refusing military service. Is it possible they misunderstood Jesus' message? I don't think so.

October 01 2014 Report

Image Mike Joshua

Is this not too big a question?
Is there not too many various scenarios to judge.
It is a sin to know what is right and not do it as much as it is sin to do what is clearly wrong.

As a parent and husband, I'd find it hard to watch my family be seriously harmed and killed when action on my part which may kill the offender would have prevented it. God providing me with the opportunity, the physique, the know how is the call for action , and the choice of action I take is where I will be judged. To knock the attacker unconscious then shoot them in the head while they are lying there is clearly murder, but to take their life as they are about to deal a fatal blow to my wife or infant son I'd argue is defending the weak.
I am not a lawyer, nor police officer. I'm a husband and father who would be terrified if in the situation, but I believe God would give me the guile to do what is right and stand by my actions.

October 01 2014 Report

Photo 0081 Deb Macleod

God is very clear on this issue and the reason that the Ten Commandments were given to mankind. Man is adept at confusing these clear instructions due to the influence of Satan the ruler of this world. God taught us not to kill, not to steal, not to covet, not to worship other gods etc THEREFORE it's an obvious conclusion that to choose an occupation in direct opposition to God's law, is the individual's choice to follow man's authority and not God's.

Due to his cunning ability to confuse christians, Satan has created a system of conflicting religions under the umbrella of "christiandom" and also various cults, each believing that only they have the 'truth' and that all the others are wrong. JW's are very similar to Adventists, the WCG, Mormans etc that many outsiders find it difficult to tell them apart.

God I'm sure would be very sad to know that man has become so divided and confused by his beautifully simple word, which is actually easy to understand, as his beloved son Jesus Christ was very clear:

John 14:15
"If you love me, keep my commands". Why is this not understood as it is very simple ie keep God's Ten Commandments (hence, if this conflicts with your job, then change jobs!) Jesus also said that you can't follow two masters ie. man's government and God's......................pretty simple really.

God is true to his word as afterall, it is the bread of 'life'.


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Image Mike Joshua

It's good to see various opinions on this. It's good to know God gives us the grace to see things differently. He set earthly authorities in place and we are also commanded to respect them in as Christian a way as possible.

Regarding the "do not kill" line: If all of our worlds military and police had no Christian influence I believe it would be worse than it is currently. Some Christians are called to be police and soldiers, indeed King David was a warrior and soldier. To have the calling of being in one of these jobs is to be seen as a privilege as we will be given special grace to deal with it if we seek to truly honour our Father through it.

How we conduct ourselves and witness can have a huge positive impact, and I believe we should always go where we are called as God will meet us at our point of need.

If we truly want to go out into the world and preach the gospel we need to know and accept whether we like it or not, whether it's uncomfortable or not, that the world is everywhere; not just in places where God has given us the grace to feel comfortable in.
Getting out of the boat means stepping into a storm: if it's among thieves and murderers - so be it.

November 08 2014 Report

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