Why does God continue to let me suffer physical attacks by a spirit after I have repented?

I moved into a haunted house in 2007. Yeah I didn't believe in those kind of things either but this spirit what ever it is attached itself to me and physically attacks me day and night. I turned my life around right afterward now it's been 3 years and nothing I have said or done has made a difference. Can anyone help me please? God Bless, John. 

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Mini Scott Wilcox

(865) 342-4000 call this number. The organization is called Freedom in Christ Ministries. I think they can help you.

January 06 2014 Report

Mini Gregory Tomlinson

where are you located and where do you attend church? I have had similar dealings and you must find anointed Holy Ghost filed people I am now Pentecostal Holiness when i was younger was also plagued by demons that sought to take my life. I rented a house were witchcraft invoked these demons I had my mother and grandmother fast and seek God, they came and anointed the apartment and went straight to a witch craft symbol that was missed during the paint over they hung a picture of Jesus over the symbol and we joined hands and prayed and they bound and rebuked this demon and it fled and never returned.
it was not the picture but faith in the name of Jesus that caused this demon to flee, the picture was a focus point. In the name of Jesus I bind this demon and command it to depart and not return. call me if you want to talk. 937 417 3634 my name is Gregory and I am called and chosen and anointed. you must find a church or place to worship and serve God with all your heart. He has a purpose for you and that is why you are being targeted.

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1385569673 r u

Visit Bob Larson with 40 years experience in exorcisms. He also has very many published works. Look him up on youtube and. Www.boblarson.org

God bless

January 06 2014 Report

Mini callie Thurman

john,I strongly agree with Gregory,you said you turned your life around and I'm not quite sure what you mean,did you repent for past sins,accept and ackknowledge Jesus christ or just stopped doing the things that you were doing?do get in touch with this brother i too have had experiences with this and he sounds like someone who can help,God Bless you.

January 06 2014 Report

Stringio George Adams

Watch this: This person went through exactly the same thing. http://youtu.be/6l7A4cQHxuY

January 06 2014 Report

Mini John Walker

Thank You everyone for caring and the advice . I believe what Gregory Tomlinson has said here and on the phone . I feel like I have more Hope now and that this is not happening because of my sins , Jesus took care of those and you know from the beginning I always suspected the cause was not enough trust , Love and Faith in God . I do know that when I was filled with the spirit of God in 1995 that everything I already believed about God and our Lord Jesus Christ was confirmed at that moment . I have added to my question some answers that some have asked and Gregory if you read this please forward your E address , I would like to keep in touch with you , if not I will call you tomorrow . Thanks again everyone , God Bless John

January 07 2014 Report

Mini Steve Petry

Sholom b'Y'SHUA I myself am going through a similar struggle right now. I went through a life of wretched sin the likes of which is so abominable that the new life YESHUA has given me truly shows the almost incredulous depth of HIS love.

I thank you, John for your questions and everyone's answers. I know in my life that while practicing a Pharisaic form of Judaism I did the unthinkable, I prayed to first HaSHEM for something evil, then when hearing one of the several voices attacking and after recognizing that these voices were of satan I simply prayed the same prayer to satan.The next morning I woke up under spiritual attack, hearing voices, seeing things and at times then but all the time now phisical attacks from unclean spirits.

But at the very depth of what could be called rock bottom when I knew I was damned and I was simply waiting for G-D to remove HIS final protection so these devils would kill me or drive me to kill myself, 8/16/12 Y'SHUA/JESUS without human intervention came into my life. I am saved by HIM, in the eternal, but struggle everyday with these presences which are purely evil and unrelenting. But G-D in the midst of it all shows me HIS love and power and gets me through it all. The truth is that I want deliverance and pray for it every day and do know it will happen.

John, seek this deliverance by prayer and by doing just what you are doing. Press toward the mark and prize of G-Ds high call in MESSIAH/CHRIST JESUS. Remember the following, JESUS never asked anyone who was demonically possessed or oppressed about their faith so don't doubt your faith because of a thorn in your flesh. Read 2 Corinthians 12 where Apostle Paul speaks of his struggle with a messenger of satan he called a thorn in his flesh. His words show it was not about his strength but about the strength of JESUS CHRIST called EL GIBOR or MIGHTY G-D. It was only in Paul's weakness that MESSIAHs strength was made perfect.

This is not a sin issue, that is what IT IS FINISHED at the Cross means. The power of the devil to condemn because of sin was and is for all time finished. So when you or I or anyone believes the sins of our past still have power, that is the subtle voices of the unclean spirits you buy into, believing they are your own thoughts, which these unclean spirits polluted. Hope is that just as the good seed down can produce a bountiful harvest in our lives this seed will produce a harvest, not of life but of death (the thief cometh not but for to steal kill and destroy). Don't buy into it, but if you do fall on your knees and repent and don't hold against your self what G-D doesn't.

Seek, as Conlin Wong says, a deliverance ministry... Herrit Spiritual Warfare Ministries in Harrisburg PA for example. I am homeless right now but am seeking it in New York City. G-D has placed a powerful calling on your life and the devil in his wrath is trying to stop it. But remember that when G-D sends forth HIS word it must achieve its purpose so seek HIS will/calling for your life. He has in my life, and with a lot of prayer HE told me the calling. Finally about deliverance, the devil's name is satan, which means the adversary, and to this JESUS said about your prayers for deliverance: A widow went to a judge every day to seek justice against her adversary and the judge did not fear G-D nor respect man, but because the widow asked everyday this judge who did not fear G-D nor respect man granted her this justice because of her persistence and Y'SHUA/JESUS said we are to apply this in prayers to G-D, knowing we are heard.

July 15 2014 Report

Data Donna Crayne

This is the same thing that happened to me. It lasted for seven years. Rapes by something so terrible to describe. I could see, hear, feel and even smell these awful Demonics. I never really gave into fleshly desires but it was me it wanted. It made it very clear on a recording that was recorded by Christian Demonologist that came to my home to help me and my family. It stated it was death and it wanted my life. But I answered it with, " I am in the arms of The Holy Spirit, you can not touch me."

Needless to say we moved from that house as the Demonologist could not defeat it. It followed us. But after two years I found a Christian humble Cowboy Minister who had the faith he professed. With God and the help of John they helped me to realise as a new Christian I had the power over it in The Holy Trinity! We were delivered when I used the power within The Trinity and faced it. We have the power over it in the Holy Trinity! Amen and God Bless

February 07 2015 Report

Mini John Walker

Hello Donna , I am sorry you had to suffer so much . Finding answers to the questions we ask is so difficult at times . I believe what your saying .
From the book The Triumphant Church . in this age when demon activity is increasing around the world , it is vital that believers know what their redemption in Christ entitles them to . We need to be fully convinced of the authority that is ours because of the victory Jesus has already won for us over all the power of the enemy . The only way we can have confidence in our authority over the enemy is to know and walk in the light of the written word of God .
Donna I still have questions , Please write me John at johnwwalker55@gmail.com . I have had some terrible experiences too . I am physically attacked by a spirit of infirmity . I have seen it use my body , moving my arms and when i lay here waiting for sleep it spoke to me using my voice , How creepy is that ! it Said God is going to kill us , So i said God might kill you but he Bless's me . it has taken 8 years to understand what the problem was but still no matter what i say or do the attacks continue and have become painful to tears . I have not had a good day in years and have been unsuccessful in finding the help i need to acquire deliverance . God Help Me ! Thank You for your comment and hope you gave me . God Bless John

February 09 2015 Report

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