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Donna Crayne

I am a homemaker.
Well, I am a sinner, I lived in great sin as i thought I could handle my life on my own, But God was there if I needed his help, God taught me a HUGE lesson. When Husband's job relocated to Alabama we had no friend and only each other, we knew no one at all. The Home we moved into was demonically haunted! God used 7 years of tourcher to bring me into Obedeince and show me I can't live my life on my own I need him every second of everyday! I praise him and give him the Glory and Honer! No matter how evil a situation may seem he will use it to the good for you!

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Why would God use someone as a vessel to heal others, but not heal the person He is using to heal others?

If a person is living a righteous life, prays everyday, prays for others,...

Comment 1 Answer 2 Votes Asked June 23 2015


How can we have a pure heart if we're still sinners while we're here on earth?

We are all born into sin; in order to have a pure heart, we must die to...

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