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Gregory Tomlinson

Minister, husband,father,grandfather,vet., college graduate
I was ordained in an independent Open Door Pentecostal Holiness Church in 1981, ordained in the independent Open Door Church of God in 2003. I was not a pastor but I taught Sunday school and oversaw Sunday school curriculum as a superintendent. I rotated with other ministers and preached Wednesday prayer services. 

I was confirmed catholic some time in 1965-68's as a child in a foster home where I attended catholic school until 2nd grade. I was borned again in 1969 in a Baptist church, when I was put in another foster home until 1971. I attended a revival in 1979 where I rededicated my life and received the Baptism in The Holy Ghost. I have received prophecy from various sources before birth and throughout my life concerning being a witness for Christ. I have never attended a seminary school but have taken every education course I could get my hands (afford) on. I have read through and listen to the entire Bible so many times I lost count. The New Testament, I have read definitely more than a hundred times prayerfully with fasting. I approach this as a lifelong passion but definitely do not claim to be an authority or biblical scholar. 
I have witnessed and been used in more miracles, healings and deliverances than I can readily remember on short hand and experienced more misfortune, pain, suffering, rejection and heart-ache than most people in any one life time. I have had so many near death experiences I lost count at 66. I have had dreams that I believe are from God since I can remember; where God (Jesus) spoke to me and told me I was His, He showed me things that I saw come to pass, and some not yet. I have also witnessed so many prayers answered that I have no doubt in His existence but like everyone, I often question my own understanding and find myself constantly seeking guidance wisdom, knowledge and understanding. 
I am very sober when it comes self-importance and I am but a sinner saved by his blessed grace, I have made more mistakes and fallen short so much I absolutely know I bring nothing to the table but a willing heart. I am not worthy but my Jesus is. I try with everything in me every day, to press toward the mark of His high calling to be pleasing to Him and move forward in perfection. 
The greatest day in my life was when He said I was His, my greatest fear is that, that will change that pride, arrogance, ignorance or my carnal nature will cause me to fall short. 
I have been married for 36 years, God showed me wife in a dream after much prayer and fasting. I have four sons of whom God also showed me in a dream, and we ran a small construction company specializing in custom finish carpentry about 17years until the housing market collapse. I have been blessed with7 grandchildren the lack of work allows me to spend a lot of time with. 
I tested out of high school after expulsion and joined the Airforce in 1976 where I served as a security specialist police until 1979 and was honorably discharged for substance abuse.
I enrolled in Jones International University an online business college in 2010 and received a bachelor’s degree in business administration in 2016, I graduated with a 3.96 grade point average (prayed my way through), I am a member of national collegiate scholars and the Alpha sigma lambda honor society. The first online college I attended closed their doors after 20 years just before my graduation, and I transferred to Trident University International in California where I got my degree.
I love to learn and talk about Jesus and what he has done for me and can do for others if they let Him.

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