Is Israel, the "Promised Land", the same Israel of today?


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Mini Ronnie Young Spent last 20 years as agnostic and have recently returned
My study of world history as well as Christianity show that the Israel today is not the promised land as given in he Bible. The Israel today is a political entity derived after the atrocities of the Final Solution carried out by the Nazis. There should be no confusion for Israel today is nothing more than established political boundaries amongst a group of people with like culture.

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Emilio 1992 Emo Tenorio Shomer
God deeded the land of Israel scripture as a sign to His creation, and prophesied major historical events about her to prove, He's God. 
Any honest reading of history prior to 1967 points this fact out, with hard evidence from the field of archaeology that dates from antiquity and the various physical land mark locations, facts are very stubborn indeed. 
Even the Palestinian PLO leader Yassar Arafat an Egyptian was saying prior to 1971 it was the Biblical Israel, today some maps erase it, as if that's logical.
God has given a promise and that promise He will keep, no matter how unfashionable to some, for our faith is in His promises, all of them!

Psalms 122:1-9

In the Lord's freedom and truth to explore.......warrior on.

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Mini Lawrence wong Disciple of iEsou ("Yeh-sou") christou
The Land promised, covenanted by Elohim-YHWH to Abraham for his faithfulness in offering Isaac his son as a sacrifice is found in Genesis 15:18-21. It stretches from the Euphrates River in the North to the Nile River in Egypt in the South and includes a large part of Jordan. 

Present day Israel is a sliver of this covenant. Elohim's covenant cannot be broken. 

We are living in the Omega point of world history with the hotspot in the Middle East centered on Jerusalem, Israel. Incidentally, the Moslems have no historical interests in Israel other than to deny Elohim's chosen ones from occupying the Land Covenanted to them. Their motives are military, political, and religious: to push into the Mediterranean Sea and annihilate; to isolate them politically in the world; and to Islamise the world and install Sharia Law. 

I believe that prophetic End Times clock started its One Minute to Midnight movement in 14th May 1948 when Israel was declared an independent Nation State.

As we all know, Jerusalem is a divided city, and the Moslems seem to be calling the shots. Changes are in the air. 

I have recently superimposed the dimension of heavenly Jerusalem on a Google Earth Map. Jesus gives us the dimensions of the glorious Heavenly Jerusalem - a cube with sides the lengths of 1,500 miles (Rev21:16). Using Jerusalem as the center, and a radius of 750miles the New Heavenly Jerusalem reaches (approximately): North to Turkey, Istanbul, 725 miles; East to Kuwait City, Kuwait 780 miles; South to Mecca or Makkah, Saudi Arabia, 767 miles; and West to between Tobruk, 661 miles and Benghazi 890 miles, in Libya. That is a huge land area! 

There are going to be some major changes in political boundaries, and geological transformations in the area! Keep watching as watchmen for the signs in the skies for Jesus' Second Coming! 

Lawrence, NZ

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Image41 Ezekiel Kimosop
I believe the land occupied by the State of Israel as presently constituted is far smaller in geographical size compared to the one which God promised Abraham. 

Most of the Land is currently occupied by Arabs and other desert Bedouins as well as Egypt. This includes Gaza, The Sinai Peninsular, Jordan and sections of present day Syria, Lebanon and Iraq (as stretches to the Euphrates River. 

As concerns the people occupying the land, I believe that a large section of them are people of Jewish heritage even though there is a large presence of Arabs and Lebanese and other minorities. 

There will be more migrations to Israel as predicted in the Bible until the full number is achieved. This will foment more land conflicts as Palestinians and Arabs resist what they term as "The Occupation". The Arabs have no stake on the Land of Israel as far as the Bible is concerned.

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