Is it wrong for a Christian to watch people do magic, like on TV? Is it demonic?


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Emilio 1992 Emo Tenorio Supporter Shomer
Great question in a much larger picture, my humble opinion is that while watching the acts of magic you are witnessing manifested deceptions. 

Consider from what dimension has it come into being and for what purpose has someone brought it through the portal? 
The books of Leviticus and Deuteronomy are quite clear on what we take in and the abominations that were not to be practiced in the land and their sentence of death for doing so.

In our age these abominations have become harmless maybe yes or maybe no entertainments to be viewed and practiced as an expression of our freedoms.

The total lack of true reverence for God's Holy Word with even public mocking of it, today your some kind of hateful heretic if you take a stand for it!
The true danger behind these abominations are the entry points for these demonic forces confined in another dimension, into our own. 

Why is it that schools promote occult books with such joy, little Johnny likes reading Potter, but never mine that ten years later, he becomes a successful sadistic serial murderer, who reads a lot! 
And yet try to bring or read God's Word or even the mention of His name will land you in trouble city quick.

God knew this before creation and warned us in the first five books of His message Torah, danger don't do these things children!

My people perish for lack of knowledge, for they have rejected knowledge

In the Lord's freedom.......warrior on wisely.

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Mini jeanette copyak
I feel that magic is on the wrong side of this world. I teach my own kids to understand where the power is coming from. Better to study the bible, your time is better spent. Love the lord with all your heart soul and your mind.

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Mini Gregory Tomlinson Minister, husband,father,grandfather,vet., college graduate
No a majority of the time it is slight of hand, that is to say it is the art of diversion of your attention, while something else takes place. The perception of magic is the art of subterfuge. Demonic influence has a spiritual goal and it is far more sinister than pulling a rabbit out of your hat. It is true that acceptance of any false representation of anything opens the door to the acceptance of subterfuge in other area's but only in the broadest sense.

Demonic is a real supernatural manifestations of demonic influence and presence that will be crystal clear to you when it happens and you will not need to ask for clarification, just help. That is why He will never leave or forsake you

They (demons and Satan) have a hand in influencing many concepts and ideas that people take for granted. But do not underestimate the evil within us all and our own sinful nature Satan and demonic influence is sited too often to describe a human based action of justification. 

You know, blame shifting the vary action Adam participated in and then Eve after the first transgression that set the trend for our behavior and redemption. IE: God ask Adam did you eat of that tree and he said that women you gave me, gave it to me, and I did eat, as if God was responsible for his decision.That was an attempt at subterfuge or misdirection politically it is called plausible deniability.

I am assuming you want to know if it is a sin to engage or enjoy a magic act, as defined as an intentional act of entertainment with the goal of exciting and thrilling naïve children. The answer is if that is its purpose,.. lighten up God is not an oppressive deity that wants you to flog yourself for his pleasures.

He has a great sense of humor and judges you by the intent and sincerity of your heart. He and He alone knows the difference between your thought and intents. Sometimes its just entertainment.

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