Will we see some of our loved ones go to Hell at the time of the end?

One of my friends said one day when she got home from church that her preacher said that we will see some of our loved ones go to Hell at the time of the end. Is this true?

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Data Brandon Hughes Regular Worker Guy
Unfortunately, yes we will see some of our loved ones cast into hell, mothers, fathers, children, friends, relatives, etc. Jesus speaks of this in Matt 25 and the book of Revelation chapter 20 gives us a picture. This shows us the dire need and urgency in which we need to spread the good news of the forgiveness of sins won by Jesus on the cross in the hopes that belief is created in the hearts of those we hold close.

Below is an excerpt from a sermon preached about 150 years ago; Charles Spurgeon gives us an illustration of what it will be like. The entire sermon is quite long, do a search if you're interested. The title is "Heaven and Hell" sermon no. 39-40 preached Sept 4, 1855. This particular section is speaking of a mother standing with her children on judgement day.

She thought the judgment day was come. The great books were opened. They all stood before God. And Jesus Christ said, "Separate the chaff from the wheat; put the goats on the left hand, and the sheep on the right. The mother dreamed that she and her children were standing just in the middle of the great assembly. And the angel came, and said, "I must take the mother, she is a sheep: she must go to the right hand. The children are goats: they must go on the left." She thought as she went, her children clutched her, and said, "Mother, can we part? Must we be separated?" She then put her arms around them, and seemed to say, "My children, I would, if possible, take you with me." But in a moment the angel touched her; her cheeks were dried, and now, overcoming natural affection, being rendered supernatural and sublime, resigned to God's will, she said, "My children, I taught you well, I trained you up, and you forsook the ways of God; and now all I have to say is, Amen to your condemnation."

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Data Ray Lyon Musician, composer, producer
If we don't see friends and/or family members in heaven, it is because they personally rejected The Gospel of Jesus Christ during their time line (life time) on earth. Christ is the only way of salvation (John 14:6) There may be a twinge of regret and perhaps sympathy, but we will agree completely with God's righteous judgments. (see Rev. 16:7) For hell-bound souls are essentially criminals, no matter how good their works. (Luke 13:5) At their core, these souls are essentially lawless and cannot be governed, no matter how good their lives on the earth.

Put another way, the souls who end up in hell are the truly and only incorrigible ones... those with hardened hearts who will not repent even if given a million years to do so. Whether it's mom, dad, spouse, etc. Will not matter.

This is a great comfort for those who are afraid that they will get to heaven and mournfully ask where is my mom, my dad, my spouse, my teenage son or daughter, etc? No, we will agree with God. He is our Father and the Judge. His judgments are always righteous.

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