What does the Bible say about the idea of ancient aliens?


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Belfastfella Casper Mcconnell Casper the Irish
Gen 6:1-4 and Num 13:32-33 are referred to by Jesus, and His brother Jude also refers to similar strange events when angelic creatures or "sons of god" came to earth and mated with earth women, producing creatures called Nephilim and their children the Elioud, called by the bible "the mighty men of lold, Men of renoun" These offspring of fallen angels are legendary in other cultures, probably because they really did exist... Titan, Hercules, Jason and the Argonauts.. The Gibborim in Numbers, Ezekiel 33, Deut 33:2 and many more
For me the fascinating thing is that once you start to see something new in the bible, probably as a result of wrestling with an apparent inconsistency or unknown phrase like this, you can start to see a whole raft of hidden threads joining up to reveal a whole new level of truth. We start to realise that there is created life who have lived before men, and in more than 3 dimensions. 
When Jesus said that in end times it will be as it was in the days of Noah just before the flood, one of the things he may have been referring to was the visitations to the earth of these extra-terrestrial angel-like creatures who leave their multidimensional state and slip down into our 3-D world for sex and procreation, just as they did 5000 years ago

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Mini Gregory Tomlinson Minister, husband,father,grandfather,vet., college graduate
define the word alien, meaning not of this earth or extraterrestrial. Angels were not born or created here that we have record of. In Revelation it speaks of creatures before the throne and by their description may not have originated on this planet. God is not of this planet. 

I will share a prophetic word with you: the interest in ET's and alien visitation will eventually be widely recognized and will used to explain and rally the armies of the world to fight against Him who comes,

Science is covering their bases now and the term creation is being replaced with intelligent design to include the possibility of terra forming by ET's as an explanation of creation.
The current generations will continue to reject and never recognize the existence of The only living Holy God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the creator and God and Father of our Lord an Savior Jesus the Christ true and righteous our soon coming king. Because their deeds are evil and to come to the light would convict them of that evil. Their pride and arrogance blinds them to the truth.

There is recorded through out the scripture the appearance of Angels and even a fiery chariot that separated Elisha and Elijah. Ezekiel records visions of an object with wheels with in a wheel. Many, many things are not explained in great detail so as not to distract the believer from the true message.

Key take away: these things are fascinating and I have a bunch of questions when I see Jesus. But do not confuse the worlds curiosity as honest inquiry it asks questions to cast doubt and undermine your faith, and distract you from living a Godly life. The world like the first transgressor seeks justification instead of taking responsibility for their actions and repenting.

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Mini Cherie Mitchell
I haven't read anywhere about ancient aliens. I have read about spirits, angels, demons, etc., but not aliens.

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2005 Robert Beaulieu Follower
Check my profile I speak largely on this topic. There is a war going on in the heavens between God's angels and hells demons. 

Those who fall for the alien agenda do not understand the preciousness of Jesus or the Fathers great Love of Him. Moses struck the rock twice symbolic of Christ our solid rock. God refused him entrance into the promised land an allusion to heaven. 

Sin is why he was struck, if life existed on other planets it would have been God our God who put them there. Why allow sin for one race and not another? The answer is simple there is none. 

If they were coming here or picking up our television signals we are the serpent in their garden. They are breaking commandments if they steal others against their free will. 

Heaven or hell is ones final destination and God would not allow another society to develop that could fall into sin, for the sake of His precious Son. 

So millions of people can't be wrong who see UFOs could be your conclusion. Look how many believe in other ways into heaven, when there is only one. 

Consider the battle, we are the vessels for either light or darkness it could be that the enemy can duplicate false visions in those who are not born again. They are seeing the battle as the demon in them wants them to see it. 

 With Rome supporting the validity of aliens is a testament to their ignorance of God. Resurrection is next and Satan is prepping his to be left behind with an excuse as to why. 

God told Adam and Eve to go forth and replenish the earth, we know that the first rebellion took on flesh and blood, given the fact that the second rebellion did as well. Genesis 6:3 And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years.

Well we know man is flesh, what is God also saying with this statement?

When the first and second angelic rebellion died their spirits remained the first destruction is found in Jeremiah 4:22-27 it left behind their works made of stone. 

They are the spirits, the demons we are at war with today.

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Mini Anonymous
My view is that the Bible says NOTHING! When the Bible speaks about sons of God to me its referring to you and me. We are God's children. Thats what the bible teaches. 
I would caution that there is a lot that we do not know that happened pre and immediately after the flood. 
Let us be cautious about assuming that alians do exist. I must admit its fascinating to think about aliens and all sorts of theories. However when it comes to the God of heaven, there are no conspiracy theories or any other level other than what He expects from us worship in ttuth and spirit.

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Stringio Rita Gerard
I know the enemy is a deceiver.. and truly believe as recently learned through Sid Roth on "Its Supernatural" that this is the very possibly the vehicle the anti-christ will use to be inroduced to the world to sale the world a lie,as bible declares "many will be decieved" Meaning, as people began to concieve idea real alien existed they will then reconsider God and/or bible? Lead to believe the bible had it all wrong, thus resulting in anti-christ! As bible warns us clearly "even the elect of God will be decieved"...Believers beware. Take care to hede Holy Spririt! Bible says "we need no one to teach us", and "who knows the heart of man or the mind of God, but we (the elect of God) have the mind of Christ"..Be very careful to what you entertain, the bible is our solid foundation, and is the voice of the true and one God, and bible is not to be added to or taken away from.. Suggest any one wishing to hear more on this subject of alien deception, primarily to decieve the church, you can go to SidRoth.com

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Mini Gerald LaRosa Music Minster, Professional Musician
The Bible does not mention E.T.'s as we seem to fantasize about. For arguments sake, let us pretend the Bible does not exist. One could logically assume that if we could achieve the ability to "visit" other worlds, we would certainly not be so mysterious or obtuse making our presence known. Why do we assume then that these obviously advanced beings are visiting us to what? Make a light show? Why the continuing cat and mouse game?
On the other hand I refer to Luke 21: "And there will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and on the earth distress of nations in perplexity because of the roaring of the sea and the waves, 26 people fainting with fear and with foreboding of what is coming on the world. For the powers of the heavens will be shaken. 27 And then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. 28 Now when these things begin to take place, straighten up and raise your heads, because a your redemption is drawing near."

I also recall reading somewhere in scripture about strange lights in the heavens dealing with end times, but I can't find it. I might be mistaken.

The most unbiblical explanation I have for UFO's is that most pictures of them seem to be "out of phase" or appearing to be three dimensional. This may indicate a time warp suggesting that they are from "our future". Again, if Einstein was correct, then we would then have the capacity to go back or forward in time. Of course, why then such secrecy and mystery from our "alien visitors".

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