Is Catholicism a false religion? Are Catholics saved?


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Mini Christine Crouse

Being baptized is recognizing the obedience to the act and following what Jesus did. Jesus is our example. Don't we want to know our Almighty, Abba/Father who loved us with just a thought and we became? For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosover believeth in him shall not perish but have eternal life! Seek him and you will find your answers, Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to me but through the Father." Jesus is what God looks like, someone once told me. Co-existing from the beginning. Love in spirit. Let us make man in our own image. Doesn't a son want to be obedient to his father and when he is not doesn't his father teach him by example what he is to do?At baptism we go under the water, recognizing the fact that we are sinners being buried into death, starting to rise up from the ashes being washed clean by the living water of life/Jesus beginning a new life. Refreshed and knowing we are sons and daughters of the most high, Almighty God. Jesus, our example paid the price of death not only for your sin but for the sin of the world and nailed it to the cross, said, "It is finished!" Remembering our sin no more as far as the east is from the west. Love in action. Obedience The only work that saves us is Jesus finished work, the ultimate sacrifice of love for us. He paid our ransom note to God. Will you answer to the call of Jesus the only one who saves and believe him too? Well done my son/daughter!

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Mini Chip Crawford

Jesus said you must be born again, not just baptized, especially as an infant. Seems like he would know. The Catholic monks hid away the Bible in monasteries in order for their invented church teachings to thrive. As Martin Luther, one of them who had been reading that Bible found out and cried out: "The just shall live by faith." That is not by works or earning points, saying indulgences, making novenas, doing penances, going to purgatory or any other such unBiblical practices. Just be sure you receive Jesus as the substitute for your sins, as the one that is good enough, who took care of your atonement in your place instead of pridefully trying to do it yourself. Comes as a child and humbly receive the free gift of salvation - Directly from the only one who can offer it!

August 21 2016 Report

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