Should a Christian be a Republican or a Democrat?


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Data Danny Hickman

Shirley H.
I agree totally with you about the Spirit of God being in the redeemed and all the rest of what you stated. You are also correct in assessing that I don't care for the person, who lies constantly, in the office of the presidency. Where you lose me is when you say that we are to obey God and respect IT. I'm glad you said it and not HIM. I don't like pretending. (I call it lying on purpose for a purpose). I respect the truth and the people who sponsor the truth. I don't have any respect for a lie and for the people who base their existence and their lifestyle on the power of lies. That describes the man in the White House.
I respect what God is doing by ordaining this man to be leader of the free world at this point in time. I trust God. I know that all things are working together for His purpose, for the good of all who love the Lord..Rom 8:28. But, when I talk to God about the situation (daily I pray for the whole planet, everything and everybody in it), I ask Him for another way to accomplish His purpose that excludes having such a despicable person leading us, our children and our grandchildren. I have a great grandchild who is 9 months old. She deserves better. I don't pretend before the Lord when I say to Him 'please give us godly leaders.' I thank God for all He does for us, but I never thank Him for chastising me, or us. He knows our hearts, we can't fool God.
There's another way. I'm praying for that other way that doesn't include this despicable man.

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Mini Shirley H

Danny, I'm a bit late, just saw this. In response to the "it" question. I meant the office.

In this year we have more questions than answers. Who was truly elected?? What is the truth anymore? Who do we trust?

Thank God that He knows our hearts. He sees all. I pray for all the children of today!!! And for the parents! The world is in dire condition. I don't like much of the world these days! I love my family and friends. Even churches are somewhat of a puzzle! I know who I believe, and He is not in politics. But, to honor God, we do what He asks.

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