What does the Bible say about the prosperity gospel?


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Mini tony teoh

Most if not all prosperity preachers only used the word of God to enriched themselves at the expenses of believers. They live in multi million houses/condominiums and fly around in their jets. Many have be exposed.

May 28 2014 Report

Stringio George Adams

You read the Bible from the blood of the saints before you. 2 Timothy 3:12 states that all who live a godly life will be persecuted. All! Additionally, Jesus said that those steadfast in trials and persecution are blessed (Matthew ch7). Many of the apostles died proclaiming Jesus, so it's no wonder that the prosperity gospel, which is really no gospel at all, is incredibly disrespectful.

As these prosperity-teachers are false-teachers, they are imposters, and there is a massive increase of it at the moment. 2 Timothy 3:13 states that they will only get worse. These people often distort or change the gospel to appease what people want to believe, and will not correct people to gain popularity ('fools hate wisdom and instruction/correction' from Proverbs). 2 Timothy 1-5.

I suggest having a Bible study on the book of 2 Timothy.

June 25 2014 Report

1508030068 Pascale van Hoogten

Absolutly agree with you George!! I have experienced it!! Praise the Lord He took me out of the institutional church and spiritual abuse, as well preaching prosperity. Hallelujah!

July 20 2014 Report

Mini tony teoh

Yes George, these are not servants of God. They are servants of the world. They will never dare to share what is written in Galations 1: 6- 9. They will be eternally condemned.

July 20 2014 Report

Mini ainsley chalmers

Our prosperity should be in knowing the Jesus as Our Lord and Savior not in earthly goods. Loving God so he would prosper us is not really loving him. It is a bit like saying to your husband/ wife I will love you if you give me $100,000. You love them for who they are just like you love the Lord. God may financially prosper you but it is important that you use this money to help the poor and those less fortunate than yourself. Therefore, it is important that you use any gifts to the glory of God and not to feed your ego.

August 05 2014 Report

Mini tony teoh

I totally agree with your comments. God's blessing is for us to help the less fortunate and not for us to live in luxuries. Especially the enrichment derived from using the word of God.

August 05 2014 Report

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