What will be the purpose of the walls around the New Jerusalem?


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Mini willy haga

Its a one ting here,the story its allreadey in the Bible all is tell to all people in the world,soon first must all people in the world hear about Jesus. Good gave the land to Abraham, And Jerusalem is the Jude town. If you read the bible so you now,2 brother are the first to the Jude and the Arabs people. Good say after he bring they back to Israel. Nothing can take Israel from them. And all land in the world will try. Good say the day this land stay on sions,he kill them all. But all is all ready told use in the bible. All I now its the last time before Jesus come back. Answer its just Jesus if you believe to him. That is all Good say if you do,so are all that you do before, its forgot and you are white llike Jesus. Sorry that horrible English.

March 29 2014 Report

Image Heidi coghlan

Briefly but importantly, The New Jerusalem is open to all and it is our Christian duty to tell others who may be unaware of the wonderful eternity which await those who sincerely believe, taking note it is only while we live and breath can we be saved.

August 13 2018 Report

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