Should Christians celebrate Father's Day?


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Shea S. Michael Houdmann Supporter Got Questions Ministries
Father's Day is a day set apart to celebrate fatherhood, recognize the influence of fathers in our homes and society, and foster paternal bonds. It is also celebrated to honor and commemorate our f...

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Seth3 Seth Freeman
Of course we should!!! (no, I'm not a biased father at all)....

Actually, unlike Halloween, Mother's Day, and even celebrating Birthdays - Father's day seems to be the one holiday that actually does NOT have Pagan roots! 

Scripture does encourage us to honor our fathers and mothers, and so I think Father's Day can be seen as a chance to do just that. 

Romans 14:5 - One person regards one day above another, another regards every day alike. Each person must be fully convinced in his own mind.

All of us need encouragement and support. I think honoring the work, love, and support that Father's provide to their families on one special day can be a really good thing. I know I've always found myself feeling loved and appreciated by my family on this day.

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Data Bill Gillan Father of 4 and have an amazing wife
I am a Father of four amazing kids whom I love dearly. I am not over enthused by Father's Day. I think the problem today is that our children are bombarded with adverts that tell them "Show your dad you love him by buying him this gift and that gift. My son recently had an e-mail that said "Show your father you love him, buy him the iPad Air 2. Where on earth is my 17 year old son going to get the money from? Our kids are bombarded with "If you love your dad you'll buy him this, the same goes for Mother's Day" 

That can pour guilt on our children. So each year I get asked "what would you like, what can I buy you? I think subconsciously they feel that they need to buy me something to show they love me, and that is not right. I know they love me and they know I love them.

So each year when I'm asked the question I say don't buy me anything, if you want to do anything just give me a big squeezy hug, cause I like big squeezy hugs. 

They do buy me a present every year though. They know I love maltesers. So I get a big box of maltesers (whilst wondering where my new iPad is or my new Calloway driver is, only joking) then we open the big box of maltesers and squeezy hug while munching them down. That's my perfect Father's Day. Pressure is taken off my children to show that if they love me then it does not have to be expensive but showing them a simple inexpensive hug is worth more than anything that money can buy.

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Mini Al Mari Private practice as a cardiovascular & thoracic surgeon
Father's Day celebration to me must not only emphasize the ultimate significance of "fatherhood"; rather, that the Father planned from the foundation of creation to take us into him as members of his family. 

He started this creation, the Father/children family structure with the "first begotten son", the man-Jesus. 

This man-Jesus became the Son of God, firstborn from the dead (Col 1:18; Rev. 1:5), declared Son, by the resurrection from the dead (Rom 1:3-4), not before his death, although already identified as Son in the baptism at the river Jordan. 

As the "first of the firstfruits", the "wave-sheaf"(Lev 23:10-14) of the firstfruits, we will also be like him, as children, higher than angelic class of beings (Heb 2:7: Ps. 8:4-8) and Christ being our Elder-brother (Heb 2:11-15). 

This is the ultimate plan of the Father. 

As he created the angels and other material things of creation through the Creator-Word-YHVH-Jesus, so is he creating a spirit-class of beings higher than angelic-class... A new " kingdom of God". 

A truly magnificent and awesome destiny for mankind.

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1 corinthians 13 7 love bears all things orange Gregory Boldon Christian Military Veteran Warrior for God
Should Christians celebrate Father's Day?

An answer by Mr. Houdmann once again hits a bullseye.

Does Father's Day have pagan roots? There are probably roots somewhere with pagan or sun god influences around the idea of honoring both Father's and Mother's Day. Are they the reason these days are honored? Arguments can be mounted on both sides. 

Are there commercial pressures on these days to buy products to celebrate these days? The short answer is yes. Can you name an occasion that is celebrated that isn't co-opted by materialism? 

Every week and month of the year mark some reason by our society for a celebration and although I haven't researched this I would not be surprised if every day of the year also marks some "essential" celebration.

My children show my wife and I honor and respect every day of the year. On one day of the year we receive phone calls and a card, almost always, handmade, thanking us in a special way. 

They are not tempted by a money hungry society to buy us a gift because it was established by our parents, their parents and continued by us that gifts of any price will not be bought for these days. This practice began with birthdays.

I would like to note that my Christian family acknowledges that the one Father most importantly honored is God the Father. He is honored every day with thanksgiving for all He does through prayer.

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1397310389 Robert Bills
I am in complete agreement with honoring our Father, and our Mother.
It is a very good, and Biblical thing to do. 

Fathers day is not the way to go though, for one, it DOES have pagan origin, that was the day the pagans honored their sun god.

The Roman Catholic Church adopted this day and many others into the Church with the context of converting the pagans to Christianity. They and others made it fit Christianity by honoring our Physical Father.

According to that verse "Honor thy Father and thy Mother."

The word used in the original that was translated honor means to respect and show great value to, something that should be done every day, by our lifestyle, and actions.

I am a Father of 3, and a stepfather of 2, so I don't say this in any selfish way, but its an everyday thing; not once a year with pagan gift customs, like they used to honor their false gods.

As a Christ follower I do not celebrate Father's Day, and say there is a better Biblical way to honor your Father than using a once a year day that originated with pagan roots.

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1470715503 Ps Gee Makukule
I think if we should celebrate Father's DayDay, or anyday, in honor of any person father or mother I think it should be everyday, not a specific day. That will prove that we are heaven conscious and we honor God first. The rest should be honored everyday, not after someone has created their own personal day. Those who are led by spirit follow that, to me we should not be conformed with the things of the world.

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