What is the best evidence/argument for intelligent design?


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Shea S. Michael Houdmann Supporter Got Questions Ministries
Modern scientific insight has revealed startling evidence for intelligent design from various disciplines, from biology to astronomy, from physics to cosmology. The purpose of this article is to su...

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Mini Billy P Eldred
The most simple answer you will ever see posted here: Open your eyes and look around! 

From the symmetry and beauty of a flower to the majesty of the mountains and stars. From the relationship between a bee and a flower to the sparkle in the eyes between a mother and child. 

None of what you can see could have been an accident. 

Paraphrase of Luke 19:38-40 "if my disciples do not proclaim who I am, even the rocks will cry out".

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Mini lynn Sander
The best evidence/argument for intelligent design is science itself. For all the effort that has been made to develop other theories, none really work. My suspicion is that your question stems from the way scientific theories against intelligent design are proclaimed so resolutely, more than would be justified by the science itself.

The cosmology, big bang theory has several deficiencies that require "fudge factors" like dark matter (a hypothetical non observable substance), dark energy (an unknown form of energy) and a theorized vacuum energy (to generate expansion). These "fudge factors" are needed to explain away observations or mathematical calculations that don't fit. All this is to say that even though secular scientists may not admit it, there is still a need for something more, possibly a designer.

Similarly in the field of biology, there is no other explanation for the origin of life. That is the reason we have a theory of panspermia (the theory that life or its precursors originated in outer space). But there is no explanation of how life or its precursors started there either. Again there is a need for something more, possibly a designer.

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Mini ainsley chalmers Medical Research Scientist, devoted family man.
I have worked in medical science for over 40 years. The human cell alone screams out that there was a designer with over 50 thousand different molecular types working in concert, communicating with each other to make the cell work. And each human body is composed of about 27 trillion cells.

Let us be specific by concentrating on DNA alone. Our English books give information using 26 letters of the alphabet from A to Z. DNA is like a book with 3 billion letters of alphabets A,C,G and T defining you. This DNA book says how tall you will be, colour of eyes, skin, how different organs work, how to build you up from an embryo etc. The A,C,GT lettering must be in the right order 3 billion times for you to exist just like the letters in a book must have the right ordering of letters to make sense or a story.

Mutations in DNA would have that scrambling up these letters by adding some, leaving out some, increasing chapters would result in higher life forms. It is a bit like saying that scrambling letters in a book would result in a book with more information. Natural selection is supposed to select those scrambled up letters that give rise to a better book. The evolution story basically says mutations plus natural selection give higher life forms. This really is an impossible scenario! We know that mutations and natural selection give death just like scrambling up letters in a book give nonsense. 

In short the human cell and other cell types confirm that the designer and creator was God. We as Christian from Holy Scripture know that person was Jesus Christ.

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