What are the different names of God and what do they mean?


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Shea S. Michael Houdmann Supporter Got Questions Ministries
Each of the many names of God describes a different aspect of His many-faceted character. Here are some of the better-known names of God in the Bible:EL, ELOAH: God 'mighty, strong, prominent' (Neh...

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Stringio Vincent Mercado Supporter Skeptic turned believer, Catholic, father of 3
(1/10/2013) After reflection, we do not really know what God's name is. "YHWH" is not God's name. 

When Moses asked for God's name, God answered, "I AM WHO I AM", which is not God's name. It felt like God is telling Moses he is dumb, "You cannot comprehend me. I am not one of the gods you know. I am not a tiny god you can grasp or a stationary god you can flee from."

God is not the most just thing in this world. God is Justice itself. God is not the most loving being. God is Love itself. God is not the greatest being in this universe. God is Being itself. 

Simply put, God IS.


"God" is the deity. "God" is not a name.
"Lord" is a title, also not a name.

"Elohim" is the ancient Hebrew for "God", therefore not a name.
"The Almighty" is an attribute.
"El" is short for "Elohim", also not a name.
"El Shaddai" is Hebrew for "The Almighty", an attribute.
"Creator" is a role.
"Father" is a person.
"Adonai" is Hebrew for "Lord"

"YHWH" is God's Name as revealed to Moses. 
"I AM THAT I AM" is the English translation for "YHWH".
"I AM" is short for "I AM THAT I AM".
"Yahweh" is how "YHWH" is pronounced in Hebrew.
"Jehovah" is a wrong pronunciation of "YHWH". Ask the Jews.
"Yah" is short for "Yahweh".

"Allah" is Arabic for "God".

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Tot Tito Dulay Lim Former College Instructor. Looking for a job in the church.
My opinion is, based on the idea from the way God introduce Himself to Moses and the message of the prayer suggested by Jesus when the apostles asked Him a good kind of prayer.

This is how I understand it: God said His name is "I am who I am" which He elaborates that He can be whatever He wanted to be. The popular and common way of interpreting this is more or all on the superlative degree. But in my understanding, His attributes is not limited on the uppermost adjectives only; He can be a janitor, i.e., if He wants to be a janitor, or He can be an assistant manager, again, if He wants Him to be. By those examples, I just want to emphasize that HE can be anyone or anything or whatever; unlimited.

However, in the prayer given by Jesus, He said, "Hallowed be thy name" . . . . For me His name which He Himself has declared to Moses which is spelled us YHWH, is sacred. This means, it cannot just be used, mentioned or uttered in any occasion or simple/ordinary way. It has to be revered equally with His being/nature.

It is very important for us to know His name the way we want to know Him; His nature and everything about Him, if possible.

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