Is the COVID-19 vaccine as safe as it can be made in this less-than-perfect world, and will it help us to stay healthy so that we can continue loving God and helping our neighbors?"


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Data Danny Hickman

I've never cared much for our government! I've never had a reason to respect a government that made it against the law for my community to be free. And yet when I became of age, I joined the United States Army. I was 19.

The United States is the only place I can call home, and I think every man should be willing to protect his own home. Even a home where there are Senators and Congresspersons who have never tried to hide their lack of leadership. It's part of becoming a man..

I don't think a vaccine will help us to love God or whatever this question is referring to. That's not what it's for. It is to stop the spread of a virus that reached the level of a pandemic. (Worldwide) It's a health remedy. That's all!

The practice of demonizing the help that God sends to all mankind is not new. This pandemic is a reminder to the spiritually conscientious, of the way death ravages God's children. The vaccine is a picture of the help that God provides in times of trouble.

To listen to some of us, you'd think satan answered the prayers of the brethren and provided a vaccine.

We prayed for God to help us. We prayed for the science community to come up with something. THEY DID! But without Jesus they can do nothing (Jn 15:5).

MANY so called "christians" either have never really known or have forgotten that bit of truth.

His sheep won't believe lies, know His voice, follow the truth (Him) (John 10:27).

God provided this relief (salvation) not our government... FULL STOP!!

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