Is papal infallibility Biblical?


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Mini James Kraft

The Catholic church has always stood against abortion. But now the Pope has decreed for one year that all who commit abortions will be forgiven. That is like saying rape is wrong, but now its ok for one year. Talk about infallable. If he believes its wrong how can he say its ok?

If he decrees that murder is ok for one year, are we supposed to follow him?

I think I better obey what God says rather than a man who believes he is the same as God. To many read the bible under black light without the Holy Spirit to guide them.

But this decree just does not even make sense let alone comming from God. It is true to say that all of our sins are forgiven. But to say something the bible says is sin and then to say it is ok for one year is nonsense

Just my opinion of course. Let God be true and every man a liar.

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