How can I be assured that I will go to heaven when I have to take opiates every day due to a medical condition?

I have to take opiates every day. There are no treatments left for my medical issue. I don't want to die a drug addict, but I am unable to function without help. Can I still get to heaven?

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Stringio Carrie beth Frabasilio
First and foremost, your affliction and subsequent use of medications (opiates), has no bearing on your salvation and faith. For someone with diseases/illnesses, any prescribed drug we take to control symptoms, ie pain- a debilitating and difficult symptom, our body becomes dependent upon that medication(s), not necessarily at all addicted. There is a vast difference between the two. 

As long as you are taking it as prescribed, and for medical reasons there should be no issue as to the legitimacy of your use. A diabetic needs insulin, someone with high blood pressure needs statins, etc., they are dependent upon medications to treat symptoms, and chronic pain is a one of the worst symptoms to deal with, as it can affect every part of your life, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Please put any thoughts of negativity away concerning this with fervent prayers and just continue walking with Jesus, becoming perfected with Him.

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Mini Grant Abbott Child of Father, Follower of Son, Student of Spirit
Being a drug addict doesn’t disqualify us from heaven, only UNBELIEF in Jesus can do that. When we came to faith in Jesus all our sins were forgiven - past, present and future. All these sins were washed away by the blood of Jesus and we are now clothed with the righteousness of Christ. God sees Jesus when he looks at us.

Our bodies are decaying and falling apart because of sin. We get sicknesses and diseases, some can be treated and cured, others will be with us till we die. God knows all this about us. God looks into our hearts to see if our faith is authentic and genuine. Your desire to be drug free shows a repentant heart that wants to please God.

As a side bar, Christians over the centuries have had to use natural opiates and other addicting drugs to control the pain of their incurable diseases. It’s only been in the past couple hundred years that we have had anesthesia and other non-addicting pain killers. Christians have lived and died as drug afflicts for centuries because of their incurable diseases.

The great, good news is that when Jesus comes back he will resurrect all Christians to receive our glorious new bodies. Our bodies will be like the angels, free from sin and free from all sickness and disease. And we get to enjoy these new bodies on the new earth for eternity. I’m really looking forward to that day. I hope you are too.

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