Is "name it claim it" teaching biblical?


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Mini Edward Vaughan

As a believer in the Word of God I feel that each person should translate the Word for him or her self. This way they can know the truth and be set free. If I have to depend on someone else to interpret the Word I don't learn anything about it. If someone dose it that away then they'll expect you to their Prayin too. Human nature is to wait until you have a life and death situation to go to your pastor, thinking he is praying and above all God is listening to him. When all the time they could have prayed and get same results. As for me Name it and Claim it works. Better than getting someone else to pray for it. Don't know if God would understand that?

April 03 2014 Report

Mini Carleen Ellis

It would be helpful, I think, to go the next step and look at how these folks have misconstrued scriptures like James' statement about the effectiveness of the elders' anointing in healing illness.

June 01 2015 Report

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