What (if anything) does the Bible say about an unmarried couple with children getting baptized? Are there restrictions about who can get baptized?

My son and mother of their 3 children gave their life to the LORD JESUS CHRIST and now want to be baptized, but they are not married. Can they get baptized?

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Yes, they can be baptized but that in and of itself doesn't absolve them of their sins and without repenting and being forgiven of their sins they remain in an unforgiven state. 

Merely saying I gave my life to the Lord Jesus Christs is not enough. If they were to die in that state of unforgiveness within the next moment in time they would go to hell. 

Giving your life to Christ without repenting and being forgiven of your sins, wherein you cease sinning is not of the God I serve. If they continue living together, that's a sin. 

Jesus was sinless as we are required to be as much as humanly possible. 

You must have a born again experience to enter heaven and that is achieved only through a repentant heart, not just lip service. 

There will not be one, no not one unrepentant sinner in heaven. 

If you got sin, you ain't getting in. It's easy to achieve forgiveness, if and when you sin and you will, repent and ask for forgiveness of your sins and he will be just and faithful to forgive you of your sins. It's that simple. 

It doesn't cost a dime, just a moment of your time. [it's called maintenance] 

I sounds as if these folks are not in a place where they are forgiven of their sins. 

If you are living in a state of sin as they are in, God would be convicting them of their sinfulness, in which they would be required by God to clean up their sinful activities prior to be forgiven. 

It's serious business pilgrims. Jesus shed his life blood at Calvary so that whosoever will may come. No short cuts available.

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Yes they can be baptized but...

First of all, sex outside marriage is a sin and falls under sexual immorality if i'm not mistaken, so they will have to repent and ask for forgiveness for that.

Second; the couple living together should get married, the sooner, the better. Same reason as mentioned above.

Ok, here comes the tricky part; children and baptism. In my opinion, baptism can only be done if the person makes a conscious choice to choose God over Mammon, to serve Him for the rest of his/her life and to crucify his own.

So children may or may not be fully realizing the gravity of that choice, so baptizing children is a bit tricky in my opinion. Let them make their own choice who to serve.

And yeah, OSAS (once saved always saved) is wrong. Because that would mean that you can sin as much as you like after you're "saved" without being in danger of losing your inheritance, and that takes away the point of repentance.

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