Why does it seem that sexual temptation is a bigger problem for men than for women?


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Mini Laura Gains

Since we are not only not to lust, but not cause others to stumble, what should happen concerning the fact that, like Sarai, some women are so beautiful, just the sight of their (even unmade-up) faces cause desires? We are in our Western culture only told not to dress scantily. Besides this, how do we meet society's demand to look good without causing temptation?

November 24 2013 Report

Samuel fb2 Samuel Asamoah

This is an Interesting question. But To be modest in today's society will often lead to being an outcast, because what the world is now calling modest is nearly naked (showing every part of our bodies withtight clothing).

November 25 2013 Report

Image Mike Joshua

The fact is that there is no excuse at all for anyone giving in to the temptation.
But. We all give into temptations each day which involve varying degrees of different sins. Small untruths. Small appropriations of property, food, money through actions which may not be illegal under law are nonetheless biblically -sin.
The difference is the consequences. The consequences of different sins are the defining factors of the human being's stance. Someone who tells a little white lie is not subject to the same public ridicule as someone who has an affair. This creates the situation in turn where we all then sin by having an opinion in judging it as more or less serious.

Men may be physically built differently in terms of desire but it takes two to do this and presuming its heterosexual sex it involves a woman.
To all of us in 1 Corinthians 10 v 12 it says, "be careful when you think you stand for you just might be sinking". None of us are beyond doing this sin, if you think you are above it be careful.
In love Christ gave so we might have no fear for we are all weak.

May 01 2014 Report

Mini Walrus theCat

Please view my comment to the top-voted answer. This question is loaded, like "have you stopped beating your wife?"

May 05 2014 Report

Stringio Abram Cantu

I truly believe if a married man committing adultery with another person other then his wife, the other person must be doing the same regardless if she knows that he is married or not. She is still committing a sin with a married men. The bible states that only married couples should have sex.

Genesis 2:24 For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.
So in essence it is equally the same. How can it be that more men commit adultery when it takes two. What is the charge for the women ? One plus one is two not one.

November 22 2017 Report

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