Why do some people light a candle when praying at midnight? Is it something that Christians should be doing?


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Mini Tim Maas Retired Quality Assurance Specialist with the U.S. Army
Perhaps this use of candles has its roots in the story of Noah making a burnt offering (that is, animal sacrifices) of thanksgiving to God after having been saved from the Flood, as recounted in Genesis 8:20-22. The Bible indicates that God found the aroma of those offerings to be sweet, and vowed to never again destroy life on earth with a flood.

Since Christians no longer make animal sacrifices, perhaps the aroma of burning candles in connection with prayer was originally intended or thought to evoke the same favorable response from God, in addition to the figurative possibility of the upward flow of the smoke from the candles carrying the prayers or petitions of those who were praying along with it to Him.

In addition, perhaps the use of a candle when praying was meant as a focus for the attention of the individual who was offering the prayer (especially at night), and to keep him or her from becoming mentally distracted. 

However, regardless of how benign this original use of candles may have been, it would have been (as I see it) only a short step from there to turning the use of candles when praying into an established ritual that purported to imbue the candles themselves with a "mystical" power that they (as inanimate objects) did not possess, and had never possessed. They add nothing material to prayers, and (to the extent that they are regarded as a requirement when praying) actually detract from the communication between the believer and God that prayer represents.

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Raccoo Bob Johnson Layperson. Self Educated Theologically - see full bio
Lighting a candle is a nice gesture, and if it helps focus you in prayer, that is good. However, neither the candle nor praying at midnight are things that we "should" be doing in the sense that they are "required" in any way. That is a man-made suggestion. Jesus commends us to "pray continually." That means that as much as possible we should have an attitude of prayer as part of our daily life, not that we must be on our knees literally all the time, but perhaps figuratively we must acknowledge our humble position before the Lord, in all things.

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Wayne wend Anthony-Wayne McCabe
In Christianity the candle is commonly used in prayer and worship both for decoration and ambiance, and as a symbol that represents the light of God or, specifically, the light of Christ.

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Mini Cassius D'Souza
In My opinion, man alike all creations were created to praise and worship our Almighty Father.
When we sleep we worship, when we walk we worship, when we eat we worship, when we work we worship, everything we do is some form of worship and is offered to God.
Therefore we are call to live pious truthful lives we have to be very careful because we are constantly in Gods presence. 
We have to do things that are pleasing to our Lord, some may sing some may burn incense some may dance, others would light a candle as long as the intention to make it pleasing to God, it is worship.

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