Is raising the dead still possible today?


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Mini Ezekiel Kimosop - Pastor & Bible Scholar

The issue of Sabbath worship is no issue until it is made a law in itself as some have wrongfully done. The SDAs insist that they are the remnants who are faithful to God's original law given to Moses concerning the Sabbath. This is totally wrong because Jesus has liberated his followers from the bonds of Mosaic Law and we have entered into His rest once we have offloaded our baggage of legal rules that define our religion.

I do not agree with Houdmann that Seventh Day Adventistism is an option to be respected. I have no problem with the freedom of worship but when legalism is allowed to convolute proper teachings of Scripture, then there is genuine cause for concern. to make a doctrine out of a day of worship is incorrect and against Scripture. I find their teaching cultic and not in conformity to apostolic teachings. There is too much legalism in their religion and wrongly makes people believe in doing rather than believing or accepting the instructions of Scripture by faith.

February 10 2014 Report

My family in guatamala RUFUS DOZIER

I am a 78-year-old man and I believe the Bible with all my heart. If we don’t raise the dead and do all that Jesus and His saints did, then I believe we don’t have the faith that they had. Why did Jesus allow all the miracles during His time? He did these so people would believe. I think we need more faith so we’ll have proof in the form of miracles to authenticate the gospel.

January 14 2017 Report

Mini Simplicius Pereira

Can the dead people be raised today? Is there anyone who has been raised or raised someone?

I have read about many people who were medically judged to be dying soon or dead and have come back to life. In a retreat I attended a couple of years the preacher gave many instances where our saints had raised the dead.

But what I most cherish is my own experience of being raised from the jaws of death in 1998. This is the moment to share it with the world, which I have never shared even to my family. So far for they would be skeptical about it or could call me mad!

I was ill by a cerebrum malaria and was lying in bed 4 days in the hospital. Nobody was with me since I was staying in a boarding house then. The nurses brought the doctor, and after examining me and looking at my blood reports he said to the nurses (which I could barely hear due to very high fever and giddiness), "This man (I was 35 years old then) has got a cerebrum Malaria and it is six months old. In 2 hours he will lose all his senses and die. Conduct your final rites".

After that the 2 nuns came, prayed and went. Then a priest came, prayed and went. After half an hour I saw my Executive, a Brahmin boy, Sushant Bhat, of 21 years old from my office standing near my bed. They probably called him by seeing my visiting card. No information was passed to my family members or even to the boarding house since their numbers were not given.

I knew my time had come. I signed without words to my executive to bend down to me. I pointed him to my personal book and signed to call my family members. It was 11 in the night. He called my family members (My eldest brother and family) and they said they will come next morning.

I whispered in the ears of Sushant Bhat to only utter the name of Jesus loudly and continuously for he was a Hindu and knew nothing about Jesus or any prayer. My eyes were droopy, and I heard the loud chanting of Jesus from his mouth. My legs and entire body were paining like hell. My head was breaking with temperature. All my body was like burning in fire.

But through my pain I clearly heard my executive chanting the word "Jesus." He was uttering with such a lould voice to save me, unashamed of anybody in the hospital for that was a hospital run by nuns. Suddenly I felt very cool and nice. I felt light and was going up in the sky in flowers. It was such a nice comfortable feeling that I was feeling I was in heaven. I couldn't see anything. My eyes were closed. After some time I opened my eyes because my Executive was waking me up saying, "Sir, sir, how do you feel now?"

I was completely alright. He helped me sit up. No fever at all. He gave me water. I drank and spoke to him. I was feeling very nice. And thanked him for his prayer, the only word "Jesus," which he uttered about a hundred times!

I knew Jesus saved me because of the faith of that Hindu boy who from the depth of his heart was crying to God for my healing! No family members, No friends, No companions. The boy was everything to me in Jesus. Amen


September 17 2017 Report

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